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The online video portal YouTube is no longer a stranger to anyone. Almost 65,000 new videos are uploaded every day and 100 million videos viewed. So that your own YouTube video stands out from the crowd can be on different free and paid actions fall back to generate more viewers.

For one, there is free Ways be youtubePromote video, on the other hand you can too paid forms of advertising benefit. A combination of paid and free forms of marketing is of course also possible.

Promote YouTube videos using paid methods (Google AdWords)

Whoever chooses to be Promote YouTube video using Google AdWords has many different options. All it takes is you Google AdWords account and one YouTube Channel which contains at least one video. It is advisable before advertising to look (for example via the YouTube AdWords Keyword Tool) which terms are most searched for.

TrueView In-Search Ads

With TrueView In-Search Ads, you only pay if you Video clicked by the user becomes. So a user searches for a term and their video is on top displayed with a yellow background. If you click on it you pay, if you don't click on it you don't pay. This is a Win-win situation. Videos are suggested to the user which he really wants to see and which could be useful and they only pay when the user sees the video as well really want to see and therefore clicks.

True View In-Display Ads

The user clicks on a video and at the Suggestions will be shown their video. It is highlighted in yellow and again you only pay when the video is clicked.

True View In-Stream Ads

This form of application can be done with a typical TV commercials be compared. Before the user comes to his clicked video, a Promotional video played. The length of these promotional videos is up to you, but users have the option after five seconds Skip promotional video. You don't have to pay until a user has your promotional video for at least 30 seconds looks at.

Standard in-stream ads

Standard In-Stream Ads can be compared to True View In-Stream Ads, but these can cannot be skipped. You can Be 15 seconds long (if the video the user actually wanted to see is less than 10 minutes long) or for up to 30 seconds (if the video is over 10 minutes long)

Display YouTube Ads

Of course you can in the video too Banner displayed become. These can either be displayed in the video or next to the video above the suggestions. You either pay with a click or per impression (you pay as soon as the banner is visible).

Promote YouTube video for free & make it better known

who no money for the application wants to spend his YouTube videos too alternative promotion methods to grab. The following tips should be observed:

Optimize keywords in title & description

Inform yourself in advance about which terms are most frequently searched for. You can do this, for example, with the YouTube AdWords Keyword Tool do. Then wrap these keywords in the headline of your video, in the description and the tags. Also, be sure to check out the correct category have chosen for their video.

Share video on social media

The more often you do Video shared will, all the more it will be more successful and so more people will reach it. So share it with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other networks and ask them to do the same. Even if a video is included in popular blogs or websites, this increases the likelihood that it will be further shared.

Build a network

Also comment on videos of other people who regularly post videos, subscribe to their channels and attract the attention of these people their YouTube channel.

Optimize usability on your own website

Make sure their website and YouTube channel are easy and quick to find are. Look out for one good description of their videos and refer to other videos, your website, etc.

Add transcript: Texts and references directly in the video

While someone is watching their video, you can insert a text in the window. Here you could, for example, on your channel or others Draw attention to videos. Make sure you do not too much referrals build in.

Combination of free & paid methods for more YouTube viewers

Anyone who decides to promote their YouTube videos with Google Adwords can by following a few SEO tips great successes achieve.

When using AdWords, you can choose a different title and description for your video than when you upload the video. So you can watch the video twice Assign keywords. So rank her video both at the "Normal" search as well as sponsored search.

By creating networks, you also know which blogger is one large and active community to have. This will help you when applying with Adwords the right one Target group or orientation group to reach. Alignment groups can have characteristics related to age, gender, interests, etc. Do you know, for example, that many people who might also need your product Videos from Blogger XY you can place your advertising on his videos / his channel.

If you like yours Link your YouTube account to your AdWords account you have the opportunity to place advertisements for people who in the past have already watched their videos.

From this article, you can see that you can can achieve a lot if you have your YouTube channel or your Videos something cares and find out about the various Forms of application informed. Often it doesn't take much about them Increase the number of viewers.

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