Can you really make money with Society6?

Make money with Society6

Are you an artist or photographer and want to earn money selling your own works?

Then there is a great opportunity to show your artwork to the whole world now. On Society6 you can easily earn money on the side and thus improve your cash register.

On Society6 you can get started after your registration and sell your designs or pictures. You put your art online and sit back and relax, because Society6 takes care of the rest of the work and you can then easily put your art pieces online. The works are then sold, packaged and shipped for you - so you can easily earn a few euros full-time or part-time.

Set up Society6 shop

In order to sell your works on Society6, you have to register. Registration is free and takes just a few steps. You can start immediately after registering.

Product offer

You can easily earn money by selling your works on the Internet with Society6. You have control over the usage rights of your art and can share it with the whole world without hesitation. You decide which rights go to the buyer. Partners and potential buyers can see directly which framework conditions apply to the acquisition of your works.
In addition to digital images, drawings and graphics, you can also sell many other products through Society6. There is also the possibility of selling self-designed T-shirts, shower curtains, laptop cases, iPhone & iPod cases and much more. Here, however, you do not determine the price yourself, Society6 kindly takes over the work and the time required for these special offers for you. The selling price, which is listed in detail on the Society6 website, goes to you in this case. And you don't have to worry about the pricing of your products. On the 15th of each month, Society6 reliably transfers your earnings to your account.

Image sizes and resolutions for product motifs

On Society6 you can upload different image sizes and resolutions as well as formats. You can determine whether your art is available in a single price for all sizes, or you can set different price specifications. Society6 attaches great importance to the fact that your digital works are also available in the appropriate quality. Therefore, sometimes not all sizes are adjustable so that the quality of your art does not suffer.

Overview of earnings

You can really make money with Society6. While you have full cost control for your images and can set your own price per image, you can earn fixed premiums for each product sold with your other products. The prices are reasonably calculated and make a profit. You can easily earn money as a part-time job.

Design products

There are no limits to the design of your products. You can have your motifs created digitally or on print, on print or canvas. You can have your own clock, mug, bed linen, or, or, or made. The offer ranges from cell phone cases and accessories for tablets or iPhones. The simple use of the shop enables you to get around quickly.

You can integrate Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks into your shop and always provide your fans with the latest news.
Society6 is absolutely serious and is ideally suited to selling your products on the Internet as a designer, photographer or creative person.

Item description and shop tags

Make money with Society6. With Society6 you open your own online shop. As an artist, designer or photographer you can have your work sold in your own shop and earn money while working from home.

Society6 affiliate program

It is convincing that Society6 has already entered into partnerships with EA, MTV and Vans, among others. You can distribute your links on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and draw attention to your shop.

Meanwhile, many artists and artworkers are represented on Society6. The platform is enjoying increasing popularity among designers and photographers who want to make their living from home. The appealing look and user-friendly operation make selling your works a fun affair.

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