How does the cashback website make money

CashBack / PayBack - shop and earn money in the process

It probably sounds a bit unreal that you spend money shopping but can also make money from it at the same time. The ChashBack or PayBack systems enable you to do this. While CashBack is specifically for online shopping, the PayBack system is used for shopping in real life. In this post you will learn more about these systems and how you can best use them.


CashBack is a kind of bonus program through which you get money back. The CashBack operators receive money from the online shops for your purchases. You will get money paid out or credited back directly. The cashback amount or a percentage of the change is also often displayed within the systems. Depending on the system, for example, cookies are used to set markers that are used to track whether you have bought, paid for and received something. It is also important that you have deactivated your ad blocker, otherwise it cannot be traced. The prerequisite is that both the online shop and you are at the CashBack portal.

CashBack platforms


iGraal is a free cashback platform. You will find over 5,000 online shops in 14 categories. When you register, you will receive a starting bonus of up to € 10. As soon as you have reached the value of 20 €, you can withdraw this. Payouts are made weekly. This platform is available both as an online platform and as an app.


You can register with Shoop for free. With over 2,000 partner shops, Shoop is one of the largest CashBack providers. Shoop offers cashback campaigns for the categories of shopping, home & technology, service providers and travel. From € 1 you can have your CashBack paid out or exchange it for vouchers. Shoop is also available again as an app.


PayBack is a customer card. The card is presented during the checkout process. On top of the purchase amount, you will receive a bonus, which varies depending on the company, in the form of points on your points account.

One company that uses the PayBack system is dm.

At dm you collect one PayBack point for every € 1. You can also collect points in the online shop, in the dm hairdressing and cosmetics studio and in the dm healthy break. You can use them to shop with 200 points or more. 1 point = 1 cent applies. For example, if you redeem 1,000 points, you pay € 10 less. When you get the PayBack card, you will receive 3-fold coupons as a welcome gift.

Now that you know how to make money while shopping, we wish you a lot of fun on your next shopping trip! 😉

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