Why are presidents capitalized

The text looks like a text if a teacher has corrected it: letters crossed out and numerous comments in the margin. Only that this is not a primary school student's assignment, but a letter from the US President.

The fact that Trump's textual formulations can drift off into the unusual was most recently shown in his letter to the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, in which he formulated sentences such as: "You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so powerful and powerful that I pray to God that they never have to be used. " Now a retired English teacher has posted a letter from Trump on Facebook, suggesting that the president also has problems with spelling.

Atlanta teacher Yvonne Mason wrote a letter to the US president asking him to visit each of the 17 families who lost a loved one in the Parkland shooting in February. Trump responded with a letter listing what he had already done. He had invited those affected to the White House, issued new regulations and provided additional funds for security in schools.

When she received the letter, Mason got a blue pen and did what she had done countless times in her professional life: correcting mistakes. "That was a pretty poorly worded message," said the 61-year-old New York Times. One mistake that Trump makes particularly often is upper and lower case letters. He repeatedly capitalized Federal, Nation, State and President, although Mason said everything should be in lower case. "Oh my god, that's wrong!", She writes at the end of the letter and gives the president a useful link: "https://plainlanguage.gov/". The website gives tips for language that is easy to understand.

But are Trump's mistakes really mistakes? A US government manual states that "Nation" and "Federal" can be capitalized when used synonymously for the United States and "State" when it is used to refer to the government. Ex-President Barack Obama also capitalized "Nation" and "President" in a letter. So not that bad? Apart from the fact that Trump may not have written the letter himself, but his staff. Mason says that she has not crossed out all of the mistakes.