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Translation of "cut short" in German

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shorten shorten cut short interrupted


My client's lives are being cut short.
My clients' lifetime shortened yourself.
Parliament will be able to, if it wishes, cut short the validity of this provisional agreement.
Parliament will, if it so wishes, extend the period of validity of this provisional agreement shorten.
Six hundred thousand lives will be cut short by cancer as well.
Six hundred thousand lives are made by cancer as well shortened.
And I'm sorry we cut short your honeymoon.
I'm sorry we're your honeymoon abbreviate have to.
20 And if the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would be saved.
Mar 13:20 And if the Lord had no days abbreviatedso no one would be saved.
Every life that Freya has lived has been cut short.
Every life Freya lived became shortened.
He finished third after rain caused the race to be cut short.
He finished the race due to rain shortened became third.
That fatal car wreck ensured he'd be remembered as so many whose lives are cut short in their prime ... young, vital and brimming with talent.
This fatal car accident ensured he would be remembered as so many whose lives were in their prime shortened became ... young, vital and full of talent.
Dirac wrote that the death of Mathisson: ... has cut short an interesting line of research.
Dirac wrote that Mathisson's death: ... shortened has an interesting line of research.
His studies at Zurich, however, were cut short by the death of his father in June 1863.
His studies in Zurich were, however shortened by the death of his father in June 1863.
Saint Photius' defense what cut short, and when he refused to sign his own condemnation, he was excommunicated.
Saint Photius' defense was shortened, and when he refused to condemn his own characters he was excommunicated.
For the sake of the elect the great tribulation will be cut short.
The Great Tribulation is for the elect's sake shortened become.
However this argument is cut short with reality of the needs of mankind.
Yet this argument is shortened with the reality of human needs.
But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.
But for the sake of the elect, those days will come abbreviated.
Philip Bushill-Matthews expressed his disappointment that Question Time had been cut short.
The following spoke: Philip Bushill-Matthews, who regretted the time for that Question time shortened has been.
For Manuel Hefti unfortunately the journey was cut short by an injury.
Unfortunately, Manuel Hefti's trip was due to an injury interrupted.
Our conversation got cut short the other night.
Our conversation the other night came to an end chopped off.
We would even have to say, the weekend was cut short.
We'd even be forced to say it's the weekend failed.
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