Did Bernie Sanders deserve the nomination

Rich socialist : Bernie Sanders is a millionaire according to tax records

The left US politician Bernie Sanders has to fear for his credibility after the publication of his tax documents. The documents, which have been publicly available since Monday, show that he had incomes of more than $ 1 million in each of 2016 and 2017. Sanders is best known for his struggle for more income equity.

Sanders is far to the left within the Democratic Party and hopes to be nominated as its presidential candidate for the 2020 election. "Millionaires and billionaires" and the imbalance in the distribution of wealth are regular subjects of his political speeches and he represents numerous socialist positions.

The now published documents from ten years show that Sanders himself was, at least in the meantime, one of those whom he criticized: According to this, his adjusted gross income in 2016 was $ 1,062,626 (939,664 euros), in 2017 it was $ 1,131,925 ( 1,000,940 euros).

According to the documents, the millions in income were an outlier: In 2015, Sanders had booked less than $ 250,000, but then wrote the extremely successful book "Our Revolution". In 2018, his income was around $ 560,000.

Sanders said his tax records showed his family was "lucky". He was very grateful for this, as he knew from his youth the pressure that financial insecurity meant. Paying higher taxes with his increasing income is "an obligation and an investment in our country" for him. Sanders added that he will continue to fight to ensure that every American gets a salary to live on.

While Sanders' tax files are now public, there is growing pressure on US President Donald Trump to publish his files as well. So far, Trump has always refused to do this. House Democrats are currently trying to force him to publish. (AFP)

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