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Goals and approaches to protecting biological diversity

The greatest wealth on earth is the abundance of life forms of animals and plants in the ecosystems, climates and landscapes of our planet. We owe our food, clothing and air to breathe to her. The number of species living on earth is estimated at ten to 30 million. This diversity is now more threatened by humans than ever before - the long-term consequences are incalculable. For example, the functions of ecosystems are disrupted on a global scale. Species that would be available to humans as biogenetic resources, for example for pharmaceutical and biotechnological use or food, are also eliminated.


  • Germany: NABU shows rooms for renaturation

    Moors, floodplains, forests and grassland: intact ecosystems do a lot for the climate and biodiversity. More than 20 percent of the area of ​​Germany could be renatured. More →

  • #RestoreNature: More nature for Europe!

    Protecting our nature is no longer enough. We also need to restore our habitats. Call for an EU law for more nature now! More →

  • Reconciling economy and biodiversity

    A study by NABU and BCG shows: Economic activities fuel the loss of biodiversity, but also play a decisive role in protecting biodiversity. More →

  • EU biodiversity strategy: good for protecting the planet

    The EU Commission has drawn the right lessons from the Corona crisis and wants to counteract the species crisis quickly and ambitiously. Rapid implementation is now important! More →

  • (Not) a budget for the Green Deal?

    The EU's financial planning shows significant gaps: Neither ten percent is reserved for biodiversity, nor is the Green Deal adequately financed. More →

  • Climate protection and nature conservation

    The climate crisis and the extinction of species are the great challenges of our time. Oceans, bogs and forests are some of the obvious victims of global warming, but protecting them must be part of the solution. More →

  • IPBES: Planetary Emergency of Biodiversity

    The World Biodiversity Council IPBES warns of a dramatic loss of species in the next few decades. Species protection must finally become a matter for the boss. More →

  • Fine, but too small

    The European Parliament wants to invest more money in environmental and climate protection. That is good, but the amount is far too small. Important nature conservation measures cannot be secured in this way. More →

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