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Poems about time

Time is an elusive phenomenon, somehow there and yet not there, so ideal for poets who can spin their own thoughts on the subject and who give wise advice on how to deal with it in their poems about time.


A poem about time from the Baroque

Andreas Gryphius reveals a baroque conception of time with religious features in his poem about time, although the emphasis on the moment is again very modern.


A Schiller poem about time

Schiller resorts to an ancient Chinese man to present his thoughts on time.


A world without time

This poem puts forward a hypothesis about "them" that has yet to be scientifically proven. If someone has time, he can give it a try.

Hans-Peter Kraus born 1965

Without her

You can't see them.
You can't hear them.
Smell, taste or feel
you can't either.

Without her
would be no beginning and no end.
Without her
would be no life and no death.
Without her
everything would be nothing.
But nothing
would not be.

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The time taken at its word

This poem digs a bit in the word treasure trove on the subject of time and finds something new at the end.

Ildikò Tresnic born 1976

In keeping with the times

Time has a beginning
and everything has its time.
You just need yourself
to take the time because
everything needs it's time.

The time is witty
every time has its zeitgeist.
Time becomes money too -
where is the soul?

The time is approaching, is ripe, is running out
and finally passes.
Where is it actually pushing?

Even if i
out of weariness,
drive away, even kill -
yes, t o t -,
she lives on anyway
this timeless babe!

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Poem about time and timelessness

Time comes along quite well without us, but not without it, because the dream of a timeless life would be more of a nightmare when thought through to the end. So it is not surprising that, as in this poem, people without a plan dream of timelessness when it comes to time.

Anemone von Berg born in 1968


The time, she doesn't ask for that
never stops, it's easy
Time. Time given to us
in which we live for a while.

Life doesn't look at them
It lives, what passes after it
is time. Endless expanses
in depths, heights, widths.

Time is only filled with time
the world is enveloped in them.
Man cannot grasp it
struggles to let go of her ...

Live, think, act timelessly,
Walk casually through the days
Everyone dreams of
who can't handle time!

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The poem is ticking

Not only is the time ticking, so is this poem. The question is: what is the goal of time and poem?

Siegfried Stöbesand born in 1954


runs in time
all in time
at the time
and blown away
and here and now
and then

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A poem about the time of Wilhelm Busch

Wilhelm Busch took a closer look at the time and found that it resembles an old ironing woman. The bush already knew how to make compliments.


Poem about time and truth

You can hide the truth under the cloak of silence or leave it to time, as this poem demonstrates.


A Fontane poem about time

In his poem Fontane reminds us that time cools down even the most heated emotions. He's right, and if you want to contradict that, you should sleep over it first.


A slightly different view of time

Gottfried Keller spreads a somewhat surprising insight in his time poem: Time stands still.


A didactic poem about time

That's nice when time is described as a blank sheet of paper, but it is better not to look at the back, because it always says the same word.


A poem about time and death

This poem shows the similarity of these two invisible and yet life-determining phenomena.

Richard von Schaukal 1874-1942

The time

Oh time, you go there
and hurry with such might
straight through day and night,
that I am full of horror.

Whether I think I'm standing
you tear me away:
where I was hardly the stain
I can't see anymore

And you're so quiet:
I really need it
what I tell you from death
still want to distinguish.

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A poem by Rilke about time

Rilke creates a horror scenario in his poem, but time cannot help it because ...


Poem about a time thief

Nobody knows what it looks like, but it can still be stolen: time. And as this poem rightly complains, the penal code has left a gap that is screaming to heaven.

Heinrich Wilhelm von Stamford 1742-1807

The visitor

Friend, would you take jewels, money and clothes from me,
Perhaps you'd be hung like this;
Now you rob me of my time every day
The best that heaven gives me
And oh! I can't even prosecute you for that.

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