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3.2. Known actions Agitation in the USA

On September 11, 2014, rumors spread on social networks like Twitter and Facebook of an alleged explosion in a chemical plant in the American state of Louisiana. To give the hoax credibility, fake news and Wikipedia pages were set up, short messages were sent to residents, journalists and politicians were written to, and fake videos were posted on YouTube in which the Islamic State allegedly took responsibility for the explosion. It took several hours for the reports and videos to be exposed as fake and to determine that there had been no explosion. Andrian Chen of the New York Times traced the activity of the accounts on social networks back to the Saint Petersburg troll factory. According to Chen, the purpose of the action was to create the impression that the United States had lost control of what was going on in its own country.

Racial hatred was also stoked from Russia: accounts controlled from Russia had called for rallies against Muslims and supporters of Muslims at the same time in identical places.

According to the BBC, the trolls from Saint Petersburg are also behind a video in which a supposedly American soldier shoots the Koran. Videos were also falsified and distributed via social networks for the false reports about an alleged Ebola outbreak in Atlanta.

The organization had bought advertisements on Facebook for $ 100,000 and paid for them in rubles, so depending on the reinforcement effects, around 17 million impressions can be achieved. Michael Flynn, who briefly served as US security advisor under President Trump, followed five Kremlin-controlled Twitter accounts and supported their positions in several cases. According to the NZZ, the goal was to intensify polarization in America before the election.

The Congressional Committee on the Supervision of Secret Services revealed that anti-Muslim protests were organized in St. Petersburg on May 16, 2016 in front of the Islamic Da’wah Center in Houston. Facebook account "Heart of Texas". At the same time, the trolls organized a counter-protest on the same Facebook account "United Muslims of America" ​​and called on both sides to use violence. Black Americans should also be radicalized in social media with groups organized by Russia. Occupy Wall Street co-founder Micah White reported on attempts to take over activist groups by Russia and emphasized the difference to the mere support of the Occupy movement at the time. He also pointed out that obviously a fake "Black Matters" group could generate more likes than a real movement.

Among other things, the American, left-wing Internet platform CounterPunch was used by the troll factory, according to the FBI, to place articles against the candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election campaign under the cover identity of a freelance journalist by the name of "Alice Donovan" and, in this context, allegedly Emphasize the importance of posting leaked emails on Wikileaks.

The special investigator Robert Mueller in the affair of influencing the US election campaign had an indictment drawn up in mid-February 2018 according to which several Russian citizens and organizations associated with the troll army were charged with conspiracy to disrupt the democratic processes in the United States States, including the 2016 presidential election, may be accused of using dishonest means. Including 13 people and numerous front companies, which were used with considerable resources for the purpose. The first six people named are:

  • Anna Bogatschowa, data analysis and information gathering in the USA
  • Aleksandra Krylowa, at times third highest employee, information gathering in the USA
  • Sergei Polosow, IT specialist, responsible for setting up a server structure in the USA for concealing the Russian IP addresses of the troll army
  • Mikhail Bystrow, senior staff member who reported to Prigozhin
  • Michail Burchik, responsible director for planning, infrastructure and personnel
  • Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Concord Group,

According to the Washington Post, the Troll Army deployed around 80 employees under the cover designation "Translator Project" during the US election campaign in Russia, including appearing as US citizens on American social media with various user accounts, with real supporters Donald Interacting with Trumps, helping organize rallies, and sowing doubts about the honesty and health of candidate Hillary Clinton. The trolls have always limited themselves to exploiting areas of conflict that already existed in American society and taken up topics from Trump's election campaign.

According to research by the New York Times in February 2018, the Russian trolls used a whole range of popular social media on the Parkland school massacre, including conspiracy videos on Youtube, fake interest groups on Facebook and a large number of automated Twitter accounts that would be able to control the interpretation Win topics and discussions. During the US election campaign, the Russian trolls established the TEN_GOP Twitter feed, which many Americans apparently believed to be an official Twitter account for the Republican Party of Tennessee and which reached 100,000 followers and whose tweets were also continued by prominent members of the Trump election campaign team were spread.

In December 2018, two independently produced studies of the activities of the IRA were presented, which, in the opinion of the authors, show massive manipulation during the election campaign leading up to the 2016 presidential election in the United States. According to the authors, millions of messages in the social networks that can be assigned to the IRA were evaluated for the analyzes. According to a report in the New York Times, the campaign was particularly aimed at African Americans, who were to be dissuaded from voting for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.