Is Naruto in love with Lucy

In love with an anime character?

  • As a child, I was actually "in love" with an anime character. Namely in Haku Spirited Away. ^^'
    I still remember that I lay on my bed for hours with a mega oppressive feeling, pressed my face into a pillow and thought about what it would be like if it really existed and how I couldn't think of anything else. Walked away all by itself at some point, but in retrospect I find it strange how you can fall for a crush on an absolutely non-real person. : D

    Yeah I have dreamed of her very often and imagined how we would do something together, but at some point I realized that even if I were in her world, her feelings are still Naruto; D
    That was a painful realization: D

  • Great topic;)

    Oh, I can't deny that I've raved about all kinds of anime characters, and some of them still do. But what's the deal, I actually think that's pretty cool. There are also famous stars that you rave about, only with the difference that they are real, in contrast to series or book characters (which I sometimes think is a shame ^^, but that's the way it is.) As long as you have the character does not want to marry or shut himself off from others, because one thinks that only Inuyasha (only as an example) is the real deal for one, then that does not become a problem. I think it's even normal when there are characters that inspire you or that you can empathize with.

    As for me, I can't avoid it, after all, there are so many good characters in anime. Not to mention in movies and books, but the subject is anime characters, so I'll leave them out for now. But now I would not speak of being really in love, but rather interpret it as raving, the way you adore a star who you think is really great.

    For me these are:

    - Kai from Beyblade
    I've always liked him so, characters like that always pull me somehow and I mean he's a really cool Beyblader too. * - * I think my three Dranzer speak for it. xD

    - Chazz from Yugioh GX
    Oh yes, that's the way it is. He's my favorite character on the show and I just think he's cool. His sayings alone are awesome and if I were also at this duel academy, I think I would get along quite well with him. ^^

    - Sanji from One Piece
    Jup Sanji. I think he's kind of pretty and I just like his casual manner. If he started flirting with me, I honestly wouldn't mind and hey, I get a good gourmet meal from him on the side - what more could you want? : D

    - Sebastian from Black Butler.
    Oh yeah *-*. I just like the character, Sebastian is ... Sebastian. The way he's supposed to be, a devilishly good butler. I like his appearance very much and I like black hair anyway.

    - Jack Vessalius
    yes, I also think he's very pretty and I just like Jack. I was enthusiastic about it right from the start.

    - Gilbert Nightray
    someone else from Pandora Hearts is justified because Gil is such a cool and interesting character. He's one of my favorite characters too.

    There are certainly other great characters that I once raved about, sometimes that's just the way it is. Is it crazy? Maybe a lot of people see it, but even if it really is, being a little crazy is cool. ;) I always find it great to indulge in fantasies, because I also like to dream, I think that's something very beautiful. But even so, I still see the difference between fantasy and reality. ~

    Glg Bluestar ~

  • When I discovered this topic, I immediately thought to myself: This is something for me! xD
    Yes, I could talk about it for hours, because I know this feeling all too well.
    So I don't know if I was really in love right away, but I always felt happy whenever I saw the one in the anime or manga x3
    And then I always think to myself: It's so cute! I want to marry him: 'D
    Yeah, that might sound strange, but unfortunately that's the case with me. In the meantime I'm already with me spiritually Armin Arlert(SnK) married xD
    My girlfriend always asks me if everything is still okay with me when, for example, I tell her Shitoron rave.
    Yep, because Shitoron is currently my current victim, meh he he ewe '
    I like Shitoron really, really, really very, because he just has such a cute character and looks so damn cute * w *
    Am i in love with him now? I dont know. I like to draw him and imagine what it would be like if I lived in the Pokémon world and got to know him OwO '' And for me, if I really like an anime boy, I just rave about it all the time him! Even in front of people who don't even know Pokémon, for example the anime xD Well, he'll have to go through it.
    Next Shitoron I also have for a long time Mitsuhiko Very liked from Detective Conan. Probably because he's just as cute. And of course there is Arminthat I still love very much now. But not as much as Shitoron. x3
    Back then I still liked Satoshi, but that was my early days in Pokémon: 3
    I recently became a huge fan of Mitsuru / Heiko from Pokémon because he's just sooooo cute! You can tell from these characters that I am more into guys who are just nice, shy and cute: 3 (Satoshi not necessarily xD)
    Oh yes, it occurs to me that I do too Yuuya(Another) totally liked ... * w * Hachja, that's one of the things with all the anime types ...
    Without a doubt, I still wish that Shitoron would be real. That would be so great QwQ

  • Oh god, when I was young (no, I'm not very old, I just don't know how to paraphrase it) this happened to me a few times. It wasn't really in love, but I had a "crush" on her, that means I thought she was "really great" compared to the other characters so à la favorite group, but had no fantasies or would say "omg I want that one as a solid." Friend "or something. I often found her cute or her personality was great. c:

    Crush no.1:
    Matt (Yamato Ishida) out Digimon Adventure (also in 02). He was just great, a little rebellious, cool and stood up for others and took great care of his little brother. He plays a harmonica looked cute and his partner was my favorite digimon Gabumon / Garurumon <3 In 02 he is much cooler and plays guitar * o *

    Crush no.2:
    Gohan out Dragonball Z - He looked just cute and I liked his cheerfulness and how humble and insecure he was. x)

    Crush no.3:
    Future Trunks out Dragonball Z - He was just badass .. and cool ... and cute. c:

    Crush no.4:
    Chiaki Nagoya out Jeanne the Kamikaze thief (Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne). He was cute and always saved Marron what more could you want D: He was a playboy at first but you noticed that it was more of a facade.

    Crush no.5:
    Rei Kon out Beyblade - He was just great, cute and his Bitbeast was a drigger !!

    Crush no.6:
    Takuto Kira out Fullmoon wo Sagashite (Searching / Looking for the Full Moon). A dream guy ~ He looked cute (hmm, I say that a lot xD) and is just boyfriend material. He would do anything for Mitsuki and just has a great personality>. <;

    Well, I don't have such crushes on anime chars anymore, I probably had the last one when I was 13 or so, but I have to admit that here and there I find a guy in an anime or manga just cute, be it looks or personality or a combination . Makoto Isshiki out Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! or Kyouya Sata out Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (minus the pure sadistic side) as well Tasuku Kurosaki out Dengeki Daisy if they were pure dream types, if they really existed, the fact that they do not exist is obvious and also not necessarily desirable.
    Of course, that doesn't mean that I have too high expectations in real life, but they complement the classic prince charming idea ~

  • In love, or falling in love is probably said too much, but something like that already.

    Ayanami Rei and Yuuki Nagato.
    Both are very cute and have emotionless gestures and a stiff character, which in a certain way seems aloof and I like characters like that. Whereby Rei provokes a little pity.

    Amano Nene
    She is also very calm and at least in the first part of Digimon, she was serious and independent.
    Later it became too transparent and reached its limits in terms of strength. Even if her character did not change in principle, she was the person who was always saved, or who was only good for support.
    I think with a different sex and a little younger I could look a bit like her. Dark complexion and brown hair. Although that could be a bit disturbing.

    From Naruto.
    In addition to mysterious and calm characters, I like her face, which looks happy. I also really like cheerful anime characters who seem a little carefree. Her slightly orange-brown complexion is pretty too.
    The white clothes also go very well with her skin.

    So all in all a mixture of a lot of sympathy and a bit of sex apeal.

  • Hihi on this topic I have a big grin on my face so I think it's not a fall in love with the anime figure but with the character because they
    Characters are always so blatantly perfect I think ^^ We girls all want a man with such characters ^^

  • Well, I wouldn't call it in love, but I know it when you read a manga and a character is really great (Romance, for example, and you just think while reading, why aren't all men like that?
    I guess it's more of a rave, or the tragedy of not being able to project this character onto real life.
    For example, I love Kaname from Vampire Knight, or L from Death Note, or Sasuke from Naruto.

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  • In love is maybe too much, but I would rather say that one has a lot of enthusiasm for an anime character. I've also had that very often> _ I got caught with them:
    Lelouch (Code Geass)
    Haji (Blood +)
    Solomon (Blood +)
    Ogami Gei (Co BREAKER)

  • I've been "in love" with an anime boy very often or have raved about one. Fortunately that has subsided with age .. now video game characters are my goal!
    Thinking about how many animes I watched as a kid and thought, "Oh, why can't I have such a great boy as a boyfriend?"
    Oh man, you would have to be a child again. : D

  • In love rather less, but I've definitely raved about some characters.
    As a little kid, for some reason, I found Ash (Pokémon, duh) and Inuyasha totally cool. I don't know about you, but with me it was the case that I always wanted to be one of the girls, Misty or Kagome for example, because they were always around the boys and with whom they could have adventures etc. Oh yes, how naive I was ... and then I was always depressed for a while because I knew it would never work. When I got older, in the middle of puberty, I guess I was sometimes embarrassed to rave about a fictional, drawn character, although nobody knew, but now I don't care xD I like what I do like, basta. There are one or two guys in almost every series I watched who I had / still have a crush on: Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji), Takumi (Maid-sama), Ichigo or Grimmjow and probably a few more from Bleach, Rin (Free), Levi (AoT), Gintoki (Gintama), Roy Mustang (FAB), and at the moment especially AOMINE DAIKI (Kuroko no Basket)

  • If I'm honest I'm still in love with Hinata as she is so beautiful :)


  • Mhm well, interesting topic, I've never thought of anime or manga characters like that, so I've never fallen in love with one because I think the characters remain a little too alien to me to really have that kind of feelings for you , it is only interesting for me what others write here ^ - ^

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  • I always have to grin on the subject. If I had one wish, I would like to spend a day with Illyasviel von EInzbern from Fate / stay night (see profile picture). Even better with her self from Fate / kaleid liner, because the character suits her much more there.

    Isn't something like in love now, she'd be more like my little sister. But well, that remains wishful thinking and will never happen ^^

    Kind regards
    ~ Pancakes ~

  • When I was 10 years old, I once fell in love with Ash. I thought he looked cool and he really liked the Pokemon and so did I. But that was over after a few months. Then it was Miroku from Inuyasha and Sorata from X for a while. I liked their style a lot, but fortunately that was over after a few weeks.

    I'm glad that it was just raving and wishful thinking and never for long either, because something like that can really suck, I guess. (Today I wouldn't even dream about it, what would my husband be thinking? XD)

  • Joo, then I'll also add my salad ^^

    I admit that I'm 15 years old at the moment and I'm really in love with the character Asuna from Sword Art Online ^^
    She has such a great sense of humor and is so beautiful and and and: D
    Also, as a pet, I love ultra Eevee just to hug this Pokemon :)
    You might think you're crazy if you say something like that, but I don't think so and it's almost normal ^^

    So then I'm curious what you say ^^

    The Legend never dies.
    -Soulcalibur 3

  • Haven't we all had this before? XD
    It is more than just possible - this is pure reality. Just like you "fall in love" with game, manga and book characters.
    Personally, I don't know anyone who watches anime and has never had a crush. In any case, my friends all have one - thank God they all have a different one. ^ .-
    My first anime Crush was Gary. Yep, from Pokémon.
    My sis had Ash - but we stayed friends, even XD for the whole first season

    The problem is that something like that sets the ... "requirements" of real men / women way too high.
    Nobody fights monsters, enemy troops or anything in their spare time. Nobody has a messed up childhood because their family was exterminated or whatever.
    We fall in love with the characters because of their stories. Because of her background and how that affects her in her world. We love them for how they treat others. How they deal with themselves. And above all because we find ourselves to a certain extent in them and want to be part of their world. Because the reality is not that good.
    Whatever you call "good" - I wouldn't want to live in the world of Guilty Crown, for example. ^^ °

    For the most part, something like this is over quickly.
    But some stay for a lifetime.
    But somewhere it's also good to keep a bit of your imagination.