Is Dudhsagar Falls a dangerous place

Where in the world are there railroad tracks, including public rights of way?

I will answer via India and Indian Railways.

While in India you cannot do it as a legally Approved denote walking on railroad tracks. I would say how things are done depends on where you are. Officially, it is illegal to enter the property of the railroad without being a passenger on a train or an authorized person to be there.

It's pretty unfortunate to say, but at Indian Railways things are not that clear. There are shades of gray between maintaining law and order on Indian Railways. For example, a plastic garbage collector who is not an Indian Railways employee is allowed to walk through and along the tracks to pick up plastic garbage, mostly water bottles that are recycled. (Why such a job is needed is a question worth wasting no time here.) While a railroad gang man, an Indian Railroad employee, is said to walk on railroad tracks to make sure the route is intact and safe. It's his job.

I have run on rails for long stretches because there is no alternative unless I was willing to do double the stretch. During this walk I also came across some railway department offices, traction centers, and some railway officials. They looked perfectly fine as I walked the track, but that doesn't mean it's legal to do so.