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Business ideas for design, decor and furniture

Good ideas for independence

The design, interior and furniture area offers plenty of space for good business ideas. Whether creative business concepts or innovative designs and production methods, an idea for independence can be implemented in a variety of ways on the subject of design, furnishings and furniture.

The following are examples of good business ideas related to design, decor, and furniture. In the magazine GründerDaily from Für-Grü you will find a detailed description of every idea for self-employment.

  • Ammonìc
    With the Ammonìc business idea, everyone can create their own individual piece of jewelry according to their taste and budget.
  • build child
    The two founders of the business idea baukind have made it their business to support initiators of a daycare center (expansion). For this good idea of ​​independence, baukind was named "Culture and Creative Pilot 2011".
  • BoConcept
    The idea of ​​independence BoConcept is a designer furniture business that operates worldwide as a franchise system and has developed into the largest retail chain in the Danish furniture industry.
    The founders Frank Budde and Gisela Radermacher sell custom-made cabinets made in Germany via the DeinSchrank.deder business idea platform. The successful idea of ​​self-employment has also extended its concept to tables and doors.
  • desiary describes itself as an online gallery for design and manufactured articles. It offers everything from design classics to award-winning handicrafts, exclusive living and fashion accessories by well-known designers and architects.
  • Ask the interior designer
    The team behind the business idea Ask-die-Raumgestalter offers its customers various service packages. The idea of ​​self-employment includes offers ranging from furnishing tips via e-mail to complete room design on site.
  • Card zia
    Kartenzia creates original designs for wedding and Christmas cards. The business idea is designed as an online shop and offers the possibility of creating individual card requests.
  • MyFlair and My Möbel
    The two business ideas on the Internet, MyFlair and My Möbel, offer their customers the ability to plan and implement individual living via the Internet.
  • Pattern design
    With their idea of ​​self-employment, the three founders Martin Gadermeier, Sonja Leitner and Martina Stadler enable customers to purchase vectorized sample designs quickly, inexpensively and with flexible licensing offers via the online shop of the business idea.
  • Pazls
    Pazls is an online interior start-up that offers furniture with assembly and disassembly that can be easily adapted to individual needs: when buying and whenever the customer wants.
  • Room in a box
    The start-up Room in a Box, founded by two students, relies on an unusual concept: furniture made of corrugated cardboard. When moving, for example, these can be opened and closed like an accordion and are made from 85% recycled raw materials.
  • Roomovo
    At Roomovo everyone can rent furniture flexibly and comfortably. This means that the customer can redesign his home at any time and does not have to worry about anything, because delivery and installation are free.
  • Smart house
    The Smart House team has been developing and selling ecological individual living concepts for private and commercial customers since 2007. An interesting idea for self-employment.
  • Stilnest
    The Stilnest online marketplace sees itself as a publisher for designer jewelry. Similar to the procedure of a book publisher, one looks for talented artists worldwide in order to give them access to the international market. Only that jewelry designers are contracted here. They are allowed to present their pieces on the platform.
Author: Für-Grü editors

As editor-in-chief, René Klein has been responsible for the content of the portal and all publications by Für-Grü for over 10 years. He is a regular interlocutor in other media and writes numerous external specialist articles on start-up topics. Before his time as editor-in-chief and co-founder of Für-Grü, he advised listed companies in the field of financial market communication.