Who is your Least Preferred Celebrity Chef?

What time of the year do you go out to eat the most?


I think most people are more likely to go to the restaurant in the summer. This time of year the temperatures are often the most pleasant and it is probably the most fun to go to eat. Also, many are out and about in summer, go on a bike tour, a hike or the like and at the end go to eat a little in the restaurant. On the other hand, friends or acquaintances often have a barbecue in summer and in this case there is no need to visit the restaurant.

Winter is more of the contemplative time when you stay at home. The weather is often cloudy, the roads may not be entirely safe and a visit to a restaurant is therefore not so much fun for most. Many also save for Christmas in November or December or are completely shocked when the high credit card bill comes after Christmas.

I could also imagine that people tend to eat in restaurants in spring as well. Finally the winter and the dark or cloudy weather is over and you want to be on the road to enjoy the first rays of sun of the year. Therefore, many people can decide to go to a restaurant at this time of the year.

Most of them go to the restaurant when it's their birthday or when they celebrate their wedding anniversary. This is probably the most common reason. Another question is whether you can only afford a visit sometimes or all the time.

All the best and have a great time!