Why did Kim Deal leave the Pixies

Kim Deal - Leaving the Pixies

Her motives are still unknown, but it is clear: after more than 25 years, leaves Kim Deal the Pixies. So far there has only been a statement from the three remaining members.

For many, it might come as a surprise. Kim Deal has decided to do the Pixies to leave. The exact background is not yet known, but it seems that the breakup was amicable: "It makes us sad to announce that Kim Deal is leaving the Pixies. We are proud to have worked with her over the past 25 years, "so the official statement of the band. "Despite her decision, we will always consider her a member of the band and her place will always be free for her. We wish her the best."

Deal became a member of the Pixies in 1986 after she was the only one to respond to a newspaper ad looking for a bass player who could do both Hüsker Dü, as well as on Peter, Paul and Mary stands. How their future plans will develop is uncertain. She is currently with her second volume The Breeders on the big "Last Splash" anniversary tour.

Pixies - "Gigantic" (Live)

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