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Golden Eagle Center

Birds of prey breeding saved falconry or ensured survival, if you will.

Much scientific knowledge has been gained from breeding birds of prey that was previously considered impossible in the specialist literature. For example, artificial insemination, the breeding of eagles in human hands as normal, etc.

In our golden eagle center in St. Leonhard, golden eagles and their subspecies are bred, researched and trained to be hunting birds.

A visit to our golden eagle center is possible for interested groups of visitors (at least 20 people) by prior arrangement.
There you have the opportunity to learn more about the golden eagle, its breeding (also young golden eagles can be seen in spring) and their training.



The raptor breeding in the 2012 season is extremely successful due to the new aviary construction, which was created in a completely new style by falcon master Josef Hiebeler.

Birds of prey breeding has almost become routine today, considering that 20 years ago it was still a coincidence for many species. As for the hunting falcons (peregrine, saker, lanner, gyrfalcon) it is nothing special anymore.
The situation is different with the sensitive breeding of eagles, the birds of prey center Schloss Waldreichs - Forestry Office Ottenstein and the golden eagle center St. Leonhard have specialized in eagle breeding, classified according to subspecies.

In 2012 we succeeded in breeding different eagles
  • Golden eagle
  • White-tailed eagle
  • Imperial eagle
  • and many other species of birds of prey

which are presented by a biologist on certain days.

The Waldreichs Castle Bird of Prey Center and the St. Leonhard Golden Eagle Center are the most modern of their kind in Austria and are built as a model facility in accordance with the Austrian Animal Protection Act.

An Austrian educational center for birds of prey and falconry.



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