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TÜV Rheinland tests Aral fuel with an anti-dirt formula

Aral advertises its fuels, which were introduced in 2016, with a cleaning effect for the engine. TÜV Rheinland has now confirmed that this is not just a mere advertising promise.

The verdict of the experts: "Compared to reference fuels that only correspond to the legal norm, the fuels from the German petrol station market leader impressed with their verifiable cleaning effect and also ensured that the accumulation of new deposits was effectively prevented."

Anti-dirt formula works with diesel and gasoline

The anti-dirt formula of Ultimate 102, Super Plus 98, Super 95 E10, Super 95 as well as the diesel fuels Diesel and Diesel Ultimate work with both diesel and gasoline engines.

Aral's explanation of how the special fuel works: Conventional fuels leave deposits, especially on inlet valves and injection nozzles, on which the dirt particles accumulate. This could initially lead to increased consumption and, in the long term, to component failure. The new generation of fuel removes these deposits using "active molecules" and forms a protective layer on the metal surface - from the first time the tank is filled.

Greater efficiency so far unconfirmed

The provider also points out that the new fuels have a consumption advantage - but the monitoring association has not investigated this. The use of the new Ultimate Diesel could increase the range per tank by up to 66 kilometers and the use of Ultimate 102 by up to 40 kilometers.