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What is the difference between CrossFit and Functional Training and what suits me?

Are you looking for one more active lifestyle and a sport that you too in a few minutes challenges and pushes you to your limits? Then you've probably thought about CrossFit or Functional Training - but what exactly are they? differences between the two sports and which is more suitable for you?

What are the differences between CrossFit and Functional Training?

First of all, you should know exactly what is behind functional fitness. Unlike classic strength or endurance training on the rowing machine or ergometer, functional training is Whole body workouts. Exercises set the Muscle groups in interaction one, most of the exercises start from the core. This is also the case when boxing or hauling moving boxes (if you do it right).

The exercises are often not that new, they are included many classics from physical education. Jump squats, push-ups, and pull-ups may have bullied you in high school, but the exercises are extremely efficient. In this way you achieve more in less time, perfect for everyday office life.

And unlike cosmetic training with concentrated biceps curls, you not only look strong, but also improve yours performance. And because the training consists of flowing, dynamic exercises and usually does not last particularly long, many find it much more motivating.

Functional training alone is more of a Umbrella term, which includes things like dynamic barbell training, calisthenics, workouts with battle ropes, kettlebell and med ball, but also CrossFit.

Because CrossFit is ultimately nothing more than a brand name. In general, we often use the term CrossFit as a synonym for functional training, as we use tempos to describe handkerchiefs.

Whether you do CrossFit or Functional Training is more a question of your brand loyalty or the gym in your area. Because CrossFit is operated in so-called boxes, i.e. registered studios. If you don't have one nearby, you can't officially do CrossFit, but functional training is no problem with a well-equipped gym.

But there is a small difference, but it also depends on your gym: Unfortunately, CrossFit often focuses on the number of repetitions, so the execution is often sloppy. And that's not ideal because it can easily lead to injuries and does not challenge your body optimally.

Functional fitness: a trend for everyone?

CrossFit or Functional Training: what suits me?

So whether you prefer CrossFit or Functional Training does not make a decisive difference to your results. CrossFit is just one way of doing functional fitness, functional training, i.e. the promotion of your skills by training large muscle groups and entire muscle chains in the entire body, you get of course with both types of training.

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Published on: November 23, 2019