How do you develop synergies

Synergy effects in sales: the win-win strategy

"A business that only makes money is bad business," said Henry Ford. Really good business can only come about when customers and salespeople benefit equally. In this case one speaks of a synergetic sales process, more accurate: Synergy effects in sales.

What does synergy mean?

The word synergy or synergism (from the Greek: syn - together and érgo - the work) describes the interaction of different factors (substances, forces, actions), which mutually reinforce each other when combined. An apt description of synergy is a famous one Quote from Aristotle:

"The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts."

In an entrepreneurial sense, synergies are not only possible with cooperations or mergers of large corporations. There are also synergies in the areas of customer service and sales. The focus here is a win-win relationship through service-oriented sales in which the company and the customer benefit equally from the business relationship, with the aim of long-term customer satisfaction and increased earnings.

Example of synergy effects in sales

A typical one Example of synergy in customer service / sales can be demonstrated using a clothing store. The company sells suits and works with an external tailor who takes measurements on site if the suit doesn't fit. The following synergy effects result:

  • The clothing store can sell the suit that the customer might not have bought without the modification service.
  • The tailors are regularly supplied with orders.
  • The customer gets the suit he wanted, doesn't have to worry about anything and pays a comparatively small surcharge for the change.

Additional customer service, made possible by the cooperation between the clothing store and the tailor, creates added value for all three parties. In this case one speaks of Value added service.

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There are many ways to create synergy effects

In order to achieve synergy effects, one can choose from simple services to intelligent Networking different processes and structures use a wide variety of options, for example:

  1. Product-related services (Value Added Services) that are offered by the company as standard, such as the tailor service in the above example.
  2. Extraordinary servicesthat the customer generally does not expect, e.g. B. free delivery or assembly.
  3. Mediation of business contacts. The possibility is used to connect a customer with another customer (legal advice, delivery service, cleaning service). The key to this model is cooperation with companies that serve the same target group and that can meaningfully enrich their own company's range of products and services.
  4. Network service for customers and business partners, e.g. B. Business breakfast and bonus programs.

Basically there are no limits to the synergy possibilities. Every industry, every company and every sales room offers its own possibilities to create synergies for the company, its partners and its customers individually and sometimes with little effort. Often only Entrepreneurship, creativity and the willto provide a service beyond the usual.

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The graduate in business administration Andreas C. Fürsattel has been supporting and accompanying a large number of SMEs and franchise systems in their corporate and employee development for 20 years now. After professional positions as sales manager in the financial services industry and commercial director of a regional scheduled airline, he has been a managing partner of BEITRAINING® International since 2002. In December 2016 his first book was published with the title "Employees in Focus".