Why does my ex write to me sometimes

5 reasons your ex keeps calling you

Many stars love to share their entire lives on social media. The good and the bad. Of course, this also includes heartbreak, breakups and the war of roses ... we remember Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan. But the two are not alone. Each of us has had to deal with this unpleasant topic at some point, the Instagram account @textsfromyourex even deals with it several times a day. If you also have an annoying ex-partner on your cheek, you can send in your conversations directly so that the whole world (or even his 2.5 million followers) can amuse themselves. Simple and very effective!

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So effective that the account was able to generate 100k followers in the first week and a million in the following week. "Things grow fast when they're funny and you can identify with them," explains Elan Gale, founder of @textsfromyourex. "We feel less alone when we know that there are other people out there who are going through the same weird shit."

Because we are into #relatablecontent, with Elan's help we have put together five reasons why your ex just can't let go.

1. The Booty Call ...
Through years of research and some unfortunate personal experiences, we can promise that it's one of the main reasons your ex gets back in touch. They are stuck in a dry spell, they cannot deal with the dreary tinder swipe or they have no clue how to address someone in the club. That's why they get in touch with someone they know that person has found them attractive before. Here's what we can advise you to do: If the sex sucked when you were together, it almost certainly won't be worth it now that you're apart.

2. To find out what they did wrong ...
Maybe they feel guilty for treating you shit? Or maybe they suddenly remember what you said stupid two years ago on their birthday? Whatever it is, the second you think about it, there is a domino effect of questions. When it comes to vigor, you should always have the last word: "I believe that ex-partners crawl back especially when the last conversation doesn't feel over yet."

3. They want to show you that they are SOWAS over you ...
There's a reason why Hotline bling 2016 did not disappear from the scene. Everyone wanted to be the girl that Drake howls afterwards. The only good thing about breakups? To show the world that you are so much better off without this person. Especially on her Instagram stories, people believe how great life suddenly seems. To be sure that you are doing really damn well lately, one or the other ex-boyfriend will ask again in person.

4. They miss you ...
This must not be confused with reason number one and two. Sometimes exes come back because they really miss you in their life. Or because they just don't have anyone. Elan sums it up like this: "The truth is, we basically all feel pretty lonely. We want someone to love us." Pretty sobering, but the world is a sad place sometimes. In order to free themselves from this pain, Ex-Baes report to old flames as soon as their own existential crisis takes over.

5. Do you want ... to remain friends?
That can mean two things. Option A) They just want to stay friends with no hidden motive and enough time has passed for that or Option B) It has been three months and you are sitting alone at your laptop with a bottle of wine and looking Blue Valentine. Better be careful, the second possibility could be a trap!

This article was originally written by our colleagues in the UK editorial team.

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