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Romanshorn beamed. Official publication of the city of Romanshorn week 49,


1 week 49, the city of Romanshorn was transformed from November 28th to December 1st into a sea of ​​lights, filled with lively activity on the streets and in the shops, framed by a contemplative and cozy Christmas atmosphere. It was beautiful all around. Now the Romanshorn Christmas market is history again. But it's a beautiful story to be remembered fondly. Numerous visitors strolled through the avenue, rummaged around the market stalls, listened to the choirs, warmed their cold feet in the MS Thurgau at the harbor and strengthened themselves in the fishermen's houses with ghackets and horns. “When I came, I wasn't in the Christmas mood at all. But that changed suddenly after a short time at the Christmas market », said Doris Helg from Romanshorn. The new location of the market houses on Alleestrasse conjured up a nice Christmas atmosphere in the town. The exhibition in the MS Thurgau at the harbor was also well received. Magically attracted by song and dance For the third time in a row, on Friday, visitors benefited from specialist shops open until late in the evening. The organizers of specialty stores Romanshorn agree: The combination of night shopping and Christmas market has proven itself. That is how it had most of the visitors this year. “I think it's great with the market stalls, the performances and the open specialist shops. That makes the Christmas market varied, ”says Monika Bohl from Romanshorn. However, some specialty stores also found that moving the night shopping forward was not necessarily a positive thing. To some customers it seems that the time until the official publication organ of the city of Romanshorn Romanshorn was shining Continued on page 3 Economy Gold and silver can only be bought from a reputable goldsmith A joyful look at the calendar Accompanied by your favorite motif throughout the year. Markus Franz, goldsmith 8590 Romanshorn franzschmuck.ch approx. CHF 25./33.50 per gram Feingold Ströbele AG CH-8590 Romanshorn Telephone +41 (0) Ströbele, the accelerator of success

2 Page 2 Healthy holidays in the Oberwaid Spend your holidays with us in the festively decorated Oberwaid. We warmly welcome you: WAIDnacht festive dinner December 24th and 25th, 2013 Selected 4-course menus from chef Sepp Herger in a Christmas atmosphere, CHF per person (excluding drinks) WAIDwechsel festive dinner December 31st, 2013 Exclusive 5-course gala menu and dance in the lobby with musical accompaniment by the Swinging Party Band CHF 130. per person (excluding drinks) The complete celebratory menus and arrangements at: Further information and reservations at: T and Rorschacher Strasse 311 P.O. Box 9016 St.Gallen Switzerland T +41 (0) BUILDING SEARCH Building owner Regional nursing home, Seeblickstrasse 3, 8590 Romanshorn Landowner: Political community Romanshorn, Bahnhofstrasse 19, 8590 Romanshorn Building project: Conversion and renovation of old building nursing home, installation of tube collectors on flat roof (hot water), container for temporary construction building plot: Seeblickstrasse 3, plot No. 55 Client / Landowners: Mannhart Marco and Amtmann Evelyn, Weitenzelgstrasse 8b, 85 90 Romanshorn building project: Conversion of the screed to the room, installation of skylights, facade modification. ADDENDUM: Enlargement of the window on the south side, enlargement of the forecourt as a parking space Building plot: Hinterlohstrasse 20, Plot No. Plan edition from December 6th to December 25th 2013, Bauverwaltung, Bankstrasse 6, 8590 Romanshorn Objections Objections are to be made in writing during the publication period and justified to the City Council, Bahnhofstrasse 19 8590 Romanshorn, to be submitted. NOTIFICATION OF THE NATURALIZATION COMMISSION A. Intended naturalizations Based on Art. 33a of the municipal code, the naturalization committee announces that it intends to grant municipal citizenship to the following persons: 1. Seker Seda, born in Münsterlingen, Turkish citizen, saleswoman, single, since birth in Switzerland, residing at Bahnhofstr. 51 in Romanshorn. 2. Körner Bianca, born in Richterswil, German citizen, student, single, born in Switzerland, lives at Friedhofallee 2b in Romanshorn. 3. Burgos Rodriguez Maria del Carmen, born in Asturias, Oviedo, Spanish citizen, clerk, divorced, in Switzerland since 1987, residing at Feldstandstr. 4 in Romanshorn. 4. Ribeiro Soares Andreia Susana, born in Viseu, Peva, Portuguese citizen, assembly worker, single, in Switzerland since 1998, residing at Berglistr. 2 in Romanshorn. 5. Osmanoski Jasmina, born in Münsterlingen, Croatian citizen, retail assistant apprentice, single, since birth in Switzerland, resident at Wasserwerkstr. 3 in Romanshorn. Objections Up to, residents of the political community of Romanshorn who are entitled to vote can register objections to the naturalization at the Naturalization Commission, Municipal House, 8590 Romanshorn. The objections must be made in writing, given a reason and submitted by post. Anonymous mailings are not dealt with. B. Granting of municipal citizenship The naturalization commission has granted the following persons municipal citizenship after the objection period has expired: 1. Dizdar Neziri Nuran, born with daughter Su Dalya, born Ejupi Bajrame, born with son Blenor, born Malik Qamar Suleman, born Lukic Dorde, born rejected Requests are not published. Romanshorn, The Naturalization Commission

3 Page 3 KW 49, Wirtschaft Continued from Page 1 Christmas to be still too far away, so that buying gifts was rather mediocre. But overall the mood on Friday evening was great. The visitor found his way around well. Thanks to the loudspeaker announcements, you always knew what was going where and when. It was not difficult to see the music and dance performances. As soon as you saw a circular gathering of people, it was clear: something exciting was going on. It was like that. The choirs and the show by the young dance group Move & Dance were real crowd pullers. Fishing in the fishermen's houses The crowd favorite on Saturday was the lantern parade. Over 150 people marched through the streets to the lake with their 50 or so lights. There was a contemplative, cozy atmosphere around the large Christmas tree. The organizers of the fishermen's houses were also enthusiastic about the rush of people. The children were very excited to fish parcels, the adults dared to look through the rooms, and many visitors were happy to be able to warm up their cold feet in the warm room. The hearty Ghackets with Hörnli came just right. Highly coveted celebrities with a beard The highlight came at the end: the traditional Chlaus entry on Sunday. When the group of bells rang in loudly for Samichlaus and Schmutzli, there was no stopping the children. Everyone wanted to see him and tell him the latest, best, or most moving saying. In the streets the crowd gathered so much that it was hardly possible to get through. This is how a varied, atmospheric Romanshorn Christmas market ended. The visitors are now in the mood for Christmas. And the organization team will soon start preparing for next year. "I am glad that the cooperation with the specialist shops went so well, and I am confident that we will again be able to expand the Christmas market on Alleestrasse together next year," says Stefan Krummenacher from city marketing. City of Romanshorn and organization of specialty stores Romanshorn European Solar Prize Romanshorn apartment building internationally awarded. Continue on page 7. Art from books Books become art objects. Continue on page 9. Last concert After 20 years, Rolf Schädler has resigned from the conductor's baton. Continue on page 14. Economy Pages ... 1 to 3, 17 to 18 pages ... 5 to 10 pages ... 10 to 17 letters to the editor Page Imprint Publisher City of Romanshorn Official publication organ City of Romanshorn, primary school community Romanshorn, secondary school community Romanshorn-Salmsach Appears every Friday free of charge in all Romanshorner and Salmsacher households. Non-residents can take out an annual subscription for Fr (Switzerland) at the city chancellery. Receipt of text contributions by Tue, 8 a.m. Stadtkanzlei Romanshorn Bahnhofstrasse 19, 8590 Romanshorn Fax, Coordination Office for Texts Regula Fischer, Seeweg 4a, 8590 Romanshorn Telephone Receipt of advertisements up to Mon, 9 a.m. Ströbele Kommunikation, Alleestrasse Romanshorn, Telephone Fax,

4 Page 4 Literacy, A1, A2, B1 German courses for foreign-language secondary schools and German integration center for adults In the adult courses, basic knowledge of the German language is imparted on various levels in an everyday-oriented manner. Speech training is offered for people with limited ability to speak. These courses are a contribution of the schools and the political community Romanshorn to the integration of their foreign language residents. Course start: Registration deadline: Registration cards are available in the parish hall, Bahnhofstrasse 19. Provide information: - Integration office of the municipality, Tel: Secretariat of the secondary school, Tel: Course costs: Fr / 1x per week / semester Fr / 2x per week / semester Yabancı uyruklular için Almanca kursları secondary school ve Entegrasyon Dairesi Yetikinler için Almanca kursu Yetikinler için düzenlaren farklı düzeylerde Alman dilinin günlük hayattaki kullanımına yönelik eğitim verilecektir. Lisan bilgisini sözlü olarak yeterince kullanma olanağı bulamayan kursiyerlere sözel alıtırma hizmeti verilecektir. Kurset e gjuhës gjermane për të Huajt Shkalla e lartë dhe zyra për integrim Gjuha gjermane për të Riturit Në kurset për të riturit mësohen gjërat elementare të gjuhës gjermane në shkallitsë tëndryikum tëunshallitsë të n Për personat me mundësi të kufizuar të të folurit ofrohen edhe ushtrime të të folurit. Këto kurse janë ndihmë nga shkollat ​​dhe komuna e Romanshornit për integrimin e bashkëqytetareve të tyre të huaj. Fillimi i Kursit: Dita e fundit për Lajmërim: Kartelat për lajmërim gjenden në ndërtesën e komunës, Bahnhofstrasse 19. Informacione mundë të merni nga: - Zyra e komunës për integrim. Tel Secretary shkallës se lartë, Tel (Albanian) กก กก ก กก กก กก. Bu kurslar, Romanshon da ikamet etmekte olan yabancı uyrukluların entegrasyonuna yönelik olarak Romanshorn daki okulların ve siyasi kuruluların desteği ile düzenlenmektedir. Kursun balangıç ​​tarihi: Kayıt için son tarih: Kursa kayıt bavuru formlarnı Bahnhofstrasse 19, adresindeki belediye binasından temin edebilirsiniz. Bilgi edinebileceğiniz yerler: - Belediye Enterasyon Dairesi, Tel: Kalemi Secondary School, Tel: (Turkish) Cursos de alemão para pessoas de de outras línguas Escola Estufa secundária superior e posto e posto de de integração integração alemão para adultosidos para adultos diferentes níveis estufas com base orientando-se nas necessidades nas necessidades diárias e conhecimentos diárias e conhecimentos básicos individuais. básicos Para individuais. pessoas que Para tenham pessoas pouca que oportunidade tenham pouca de se exprimir em possibilidade alemão, é de oferecido se exprimir um treino em alemão, de conversação. é oferecido um treino de conversa. Estes cursos são uma contribuição das escolas e do Município de Estes Romanshorn cursos são para uma uma contribuição melhor integração das escolas dos e seus do Município habitantes de de língua Romanshorn estrangeira. para uma melhor integração dos habitantes de outras línguas. Inicío do curso: Data do começo: Prazo Prazo de de inscrição: inscrição: Formulários As cartas de de inscrição inscrição inscrição na Casa Câmara Municipal, Municipal, Bahnhofstrasse 19. Informações serão prestadas dadas através: pelo: - Posto de integração do Município, Tel: Tel: Secretariados da Escola da estufa Secundária, superior, Tel: Tel: (Portuguese) ก ก ก. :: ก,. - Integration office of the municipality, Tel: Secretariat of the secondary school, Tel: (Thai) coursesvinemačkogjezikazastrance VišiStepenislužbazaintegraciju Nemačkizaodrasle Nakursevimazaodrasledobijajuseosnovipoznavanjanemačkogjezikodesnavnavanjanemačkogjezikodes. OvikursevisudoprinosškolaipolitičkeopštineRomanshorn zaintegracijusvojihsugrañana stranca. Course location: Krajnirokprijave: Karticezaprijavlivanjenalazeseuopštinskojzgradi, Bahnhofstrasse19. Informacijedajuvam: Opštinskaslužbazaintegraciju, Tel: Sekratarijatvišegstepena, Tel: (Serbian / Croatian)

5 Page 5 KW 49, year old enjoys music and beautiful things Very spontaneously, Alice Hugentobler-Luternauer let her singing talent flash again on her 101st birthday. The trained milliner and hat maker loves music, singing and beautiful things. "Mir Senne heis luschtig", the handballer plays on Alice Hugentobler-Luternauer's 101st birthday. The anniversary girl's eyes light up, her hands set the rhythm, and suddenly Alice Hugentobler is singing along. No gaps in the text, no mistakes in the melody: for the oldest woman in Romanshorn, time seems to stand still on this afternoon in Haus Holzenstein. Daughter-in-law Elisabeth Hugentobler had organized a nice little birthday party, which the celebrated party could enjoy to the fullest and with almost youthful vigor. A weakness for beautiful things Alice Hugentobler used to play the hand organ herself and regularly devoted herself to singing. And music still seems to mean a lot to her today. Just as important to her are well-groomed clothing, good care products for her still flawless skin, a beautiful hairstyle and fine fabrics. "Beautiful things are beautiful," she smiles as she talks about her weekly hairdresser visits. In her trained profession as a milliner and hat maker, she was able to live out her soft spot for fashion. “We made what our customers asked for,” she remembers of her first years of work in St. Gallen. She also liked to wear a head covering herself from time to time. Her favorite hat was a beautiful black, broad-brimmed hat with feathers. She had to give up her profession because of an allergy. But she has never regretted switching to the hospitality industry. Surviving storms Alice Hugentobler has always loved people. This was also felt by the guests in the Bodan, in the train station buffet or on the ship where they had worked until they retired. Yes, she was popular, she modestly admits. "I have experienced a lot in my work and there were also wonderful experiences on the lake." One crossing stuck in her head in particular. "At that moment I was pretty sure that I would never get to the banks of Romanshorn", she remembers of a big storm. She could no longer say the year, but the hissing of the stormy water and the threatening waves several meters high were still present in her memory. Fortunately, everything went well back then. Many strokes of fate Alice Hugentobler has not only experienced beautiful things in her long life. She became a widow 68 years ago. The 101-year-old Alice Hugentobler enjoyed her birthday to the full. Alice Hugentobler brought her family through hard times with hard work. “It wasn't easy,” she admits. But somehow it always worked. She has lived in Haus Holzenstein for seven years. Despite her eyes, which have now become very weak, she likes to talk to roommates. So also with the 101-year-old Jakob Hug, the oldest Romanshorn. The frequent visits of her daughter-in-law Elisabeth Hugentobler bring variety to her everyday life. The sprightly jubilarian could not complain about a lack of entertainment in the last few days. Among the many well-wishers was City Mayor David H. Bon, who conveyed the city council's congratulations. City of Romanshorn Communication from the Naturalization Commission At the last meeting, the Romanshorn Naturalization Commission decided not to process the applications for simplified naturalization itself. She is handing this task back to the canton and will only take care of the ordinary naturalizations in the future. This decision is based on the disappointing experience with negative recommendations that were nevertheless approved by the Federal Office for Migration. Between 2008 and 2010, the SFBC Romanshorn submitted three such cases to the Federal Administrative Court. In our opinion, the integration was unsatisfactory twice, and once the reason was criminal proceedings that were not yet statute-barred. All three appeals were rejected by the Federal Administrative Court. The financial compensation of CHF 240 per application also contributed to this decision. This amount was by far not enough to cover our administrative expenses and the discussion with a five-member chamber of the SFBC. With the change mentioned above, the SFBC is now drawing the necessary conclusions. In a letter to the Thurgau members of the Federal Parliament, the SFBC described its experience of working with naturalization applications. The minimum age of 16 years for submitting your own naturalization application was criticized. Because the applicants are still very young for such a naturalization procedure, this should be set for 20 years. The shortening of the minimum length of stay in Switzerland from 12 to 10 years decided in the National Council's spring session is also seen as a disadvantage. In addition, the problem of facilitated naturalization from the perspective of the SFBC Romanshorn was presented.In particular, we mentioned that the recommendations of the canton and the SFBC Romanshorn have little weight on the decisions in Bern. The cost regulation should also be checked here. Romanshorn Naturalization Commission, Ernst Züllig, President

6 Page 6 Literacy, A1, A2, B1 German Courses for Speakers of Other Languages ​​Secondary School and Integrationsstelle German for adults Different levels of adult courses based on everyday language will be taught. Those having less opportunity to practice German will be given speech training lessons Bahnhofstrasse 19 (Tamilisch) The Secondary School (secondary school) and the Municipality of Romanshorn have joined hands in order to ensure full integration of all residents from other nationalities. Course Date: Register by: Registration forms can be found at the Municipality (Gemeindehaus), Bahnhofstrasse 19, Acquire information from: - Integration Office at the Municipality, Tel: Secondary School Office, Tel: Sunday 8./15. /22.dez. Advent bar, parish hall, 5 - 8 p.m. enjoy cozy moments with us during the hectic advent season ... we look forward to your visit. salmsach 8 dec. de samichlaus chunnt 15th dec. Men's choir Uhr Salmsach 22nd dec. contest Christmas biscuits Kreuzlingerstr Romanshorn Tel Snow bar on the Landhaus car park Original fire brigade mulled wine From December 9th to 13th, 2013 and December 16th to 20th, 2013, starting at 12.00 p.m. The A. Locher family and the «Hafeschnooge» Official publication organ of the city of Romanshorn Advertise instead of rotate. With a lake view ad you can reach all 6350 houses in Romanshorn and Salmsach. Further information: Ströbele Kommunikation, 8590 Romanshorn, telephone, do you manage your property (s) yourself or do you want to enjoy life? 30 to 50% discount on ski clothing from December 5th to 23rd Children's ski rental from CHF 70. Snowboard from Friday per season We are here for you. CH-9325 Roggwil phone

7 Page 7 KW 49, International Award for PlusEnergie Multi-Family House The PlusEnergie multi-family house at Alleestrasse 44 in Romanshorn was awarded the European Solar Prize 2013 in Berlin. The apartment building from the 1960s at Alleestrasse 44 in Romanshorn was expanded and energetically renovated by Viridén + Partner AG last year. The photovoltaic modules integrated on the south and west facades and on the balconies as well as the solar roof system generate around kWh of electricity annually. The many years of experience of the architects around Karl Viridén are reflected in the perfect combination of technology, aesthetics and functionality. Lighthouse serves as a role model The first large, refurbished PlusEnergy apartment building in Switzerland has been described in various media as an outstanding example in recent months. Recently, the renowned Zurich architecture firm was even able to accept the 2013 European Solar Prize in Berlin in the “Architecture, Construction and Urban Planning” category. The city council of Romanshorn congratulates Viridén + Partner AG on this success and is pleased that the “lighthouse” of Romanshorn is exemplary and attracts international attention. The European Association for Renewable Energies Eurosolar e.v. honored outstanding commitment to renewable energies with the European Solar Prize for the 20th time this year. The award ceremony took place on November 29, 2013 in Berlin. The European Solar Prizes are intended to bring role models and pioneers into the public eye and provide new impulses for a regenerative and decentralized energy transition. Outstanding and innovative projects and initiatives from all areas of society are honored in eight categories. City Councilor Romanshorn Congratulations On Friday, December 6th 2013, Bertha Menzi-Brühlmann will celebrate her 90th birthday at Hafenstrasse 13 in Romanshorn. On Saturday, December 7th, Adolf Fischer can receive his 95th birthday wishes at Haldenweg 2 in Romanshorn. Congratulations and all the best for the future. City Councilor Romanshorn Congratulations Since December 8, 2003, nursing assistant Manuela Contardo has been working with great commitment in the regional nursing home in Romanshorn. The city council and the nursing home team warmly congratulate them on the anniversary and thank them for the good cooperation. They could choose from eight offers: 93 children took part in the chat day of the Evangelical Parish Romanshorn-Salmsach. They made 2 presents for Christmas last Saturday and enjoyed an eventful day with stories, songs and lunch. 93 little hobbyists Markus Bösch Image: Markus Bösch City Councilor Romanshorn and Romanshorn Nursing Home See view over Christmas and New Years On December 27 (week 52) and January 3, 2014 (week 01) there will be no lake view. The Seeblick team

8 Page 8 with entertainer welcome aperitif starter and dessert buffet main course served midnight guppli and cheese platter current autumn brunch feasting Reservations as desired - desired first Sunday of the month only Fri Hauptstrasse Reservation 54 CH-8594 desired Güttingen Hauptstrasse 54 CH-8594 T Güttingen T welcome from 7 p.m. Let's start the year together Official publication organ of the city of Romanshorn Save yourself the crier. With a lake view ad you can reach all 6350 houses in Romanshorn and Salmsach. Further information: Ströbele Kommunikation, 8590 Romanshorn telephone, Advent ensemble play On the first Sunday of Advent, flutes, guitars, violins and organ were in demand: Numerous students from the Romanshorn music school gave their parents and many guests pre-Christmas sounds on Sunday evening in the old church. Markus Bösch Dance Taster Lessons On Thursday, December 12th, from 4 p.m., there will be taster lessons for Breakdance Hip-Hop in the Romanshorn Music School. The breakdance course is led by Willi Brozmann. Willi Brozmann has been dancing with his group «Prodigyy Crew» all over Europe and the USA since 2004. Among other things, he danced his way into the semifinals in front of an audience of millions at “Die Grosse Chance” on ORF and delighted viewers at the breakdance world championship “Battle of the Year” in Braunschweig and Montpellier. Registration and information in the Secretariat of the Romanshorn Music School, Hafenstrasse 6, 8590 Romanshorn; Mail: Romanshorn Music School, School Management, Julia Kräuchi Interested children and young people aged 8 and over can register for the hip-hop breakdance trial lesson until December 8th. The trial lesson costs 10 francs. No prior knowledge required. Image: Markus Bösch

9 Page 9 KW 49, SVP visited the Romanshorn civil defense region On their party occasion on, the members of SVP Romanshorn were able to visit the civil defense systems in Salmsach and Romanshorn. The Romanshorn civil protection region includes the municipalities of Romanshorn, Salmsach, Uttwil, Dozwil and Kesswil. Around 170 people are subject to civil protection in this area. First, material manager Rolf Bertschinger showed the system at the Salmsach community center. There are accommodation rooms for a total of 84 people. The insight into the material warehouse of the pioneers was very interesting. In «The idea of ​​art from books immediately fascinated me», says Gerda Kimoto, specialist teacher for textile works: Together with her colleagues from the Pestalozzi School, she has implemented it over the past few weeks. And so the students tinkered and brought old books into completely new and surprising shapes. On the one hand, it was about introducing the book to the children in other ways, and so art objects, lanterns, stars, jewelry, card holders and much more were created. Art from books in the facilities under the gym of the Kanti Romanshorn is the local command post. In addition, around 110 people can be accommodated there. During the cozy part in the lounge, the very interesting impressions were processed and the voting results from the previous weekend were discussed again. Due to this event, the SVP tribe will not take place in the EZO on Thursday, December 5th. SVP Region Romanshorn, Ernst Züllig Image: Markus Bösch On the other hand, the students contribute something to the projects that they borrow and read every week: The products will be offered for sale at the Christmas market on December 12th, and the proceeds will go to the primary school library . The Christmas market takes place in the old gymnasium from until o'clock in the auditorium next to it, two school choirs sing at the opening and at 7 pm. At the same time a coffee shop is offered. Markus Bösch It takes openness and will The Methodist Church invited "People from all over the world" to the brunch service on Sunday: Gyatso Karma from Tibet and Aliye Gül (Turkey) were guests. The reasons for leaving their homeland are as numerous as the people themselves: While Gyatso Karma had to flee because China is occupying his homeland Tibet and the Chinese have "brought many bad things to my country", Aliye Gül is a ten-year-old girl Come to Switzerland after her father had previously lived here as a guest worker. Pastor Markus DaRugna invited her to the Methodist service on the subject of "People from all over the world". Steps from both sides «Many organizations have helped me. It is important that locals also take the step on me, that gives me self-confidence. And my goal is to give back a lot of what I have received, »said Karma. For integration to succeed, it takes the will of foreigners and openness from the local population: “I think the language is the most important thing, because I have to be able to communicate and I have to want to. The whole thing has to be reciprocal, because it's always about people and their stories, ”explained Aliye Gül. DaRugna embedded the conversation with them in the biblical story of the Roman centurion, whose servant is healed by Jesus: This shows great trust and mutual respect. And borders between people, religions and cultures would be crossed, said the pastor. Markus Bösch Photo: Markus Bösch The stories of the people who come to Switzerland are impressive (from left): Pastor Markus DaRugna, Gyatso Karma, Aliye Gül.

10 Page 10 A wide range of Matura work On two days in December, the pupils of the canton school Romanshorn present their Matura and their independent work this time there were 131 in number. The implementation of the ideas and questions each time requires a great deal of time and commitment: On Saturday morning it was the turn of the fourth graders to present their Matura work to a larger audience on Thursday evening, December 12th, followed by the independent work of the technical secondary school departments. Parents, relatives and friends took the opportunity early in the morning to get brief information on one or more topics. Politics, music, society And once again a huge variety of issues emerged: For example, Joel Müller (Romanshorn) contrasted the oil industry with climate change. Or Larissa Rechsteiner (Romanshorn) asked herself in her work to what extent music can improve athletic performance: “Unsuitable music has a negative influence or vice versa: In order for performance to improve, you need a regular rhythm, positive texts and images: Markus Bösch Besides that Busy activity in the various classrooms also resulted in a number of conversations at the tables on which the numerous works were exhibited. known songs." Ilona Falk (Bischofszell) had taken on a socially relevant topic: «Does Facebook make you stupid? Language change through modern media ?! » In her work, she first introduced the new media, with which the longer the more communicated: “Although the school and leisure texts sometimes differ significantly, the young people very often adapt their communication to the respective situation. The new media influence language change far less than language development itself. Because language is always being reinvented. " Markus Bösch The unique “Symphonic Christmas” Christmas concert The “Symphonic Christmas” Christmas concert will take place on Saturday, December 21st at 11 am in the Kath. Romanshorn Church. A very special concert and a concert that is unique in this form in and beyond the region. The concert program includes famous Christmas carols, “English-American Christmas carols” as well as instrumental works by M. Wilberg, J. Rutter, L. Anderson, F. Mendelssohn and others. The special thing about this concert is, besides the 130 participants in the choir and orchestra, the fantastically composed and arranged works in American sound garb! They are written for soloists, choir, organ and symphony orchestra, and that makes them unique, symphonic works. The well-known soprano Rebekka Maeder will be the soloist, the concert will be conducted by Roman Lopar. Get in the mood for Christmas with wonderful choir and orchestral sounds! Tickets: Cat. 1, Fr. 40. / Cat. 2, Fr. 30. / Schoolchildren / students Fr. 15. Advance ticket sales: from Tourist Information, Im Bahnhof, 8590 Romanshorn, Tel, Mail: Advance ticket sales / reservation box office: Kath. Pfarreisekretariat Schlossbergstrasse 24, 8590 Romanshorn Tel / Mail: kathromanshorn.ch 100 years of the Catholic Church Romanshorn On to the sixth Romanshorn Laternliweg For the sixth time, on Saturday, December 14, 2013, beautiful lanterns with their soft light will show the way through the Romanshorn Forest to the Waldschenke. The approximately one kilometer stretch from the Spitz car park is illuminated from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Laternliweg takes place in all weathers. A shuttle bus to the Spitz car park is organized. The timetable will be published in Seeblick on December 13, 2013. The OK Laternliweg and the city of Romanshorn are looking forward to an atmospheric Advent evening. OK Laternliweg and the city of Romanshorn

11 Page 11 KW 49, midnight sport attracts many young people On November 8th, the first Sports Night of the 2013/2014 season was successfully staged. Around 50 young people enjoyed themselves in the Reckholdern gym with netball, floorball and handball. On Friday, December 13th, between 9 p.m. and midnight, young people from Romanshorn from senior level up to the age of 18 are invited to another edition of the popular midnight sport. The young people largely choose the sports and the mode of competition themselves. The focus is on meaningful leisure activities, far from addictive substances and violence. The youth commission, the Romanshorn city council and the secondary school student council are looking forward to another successful sports night. Peter Höltschi, City Councilor, Leisure and Sports Department Barracudas Floorball Arrived After Two Wins In The New Season After a concentrated performance, four points resulted and thus the first two victories for the Barracudas this season. Barracudas Romanshorn UHC Castle Stars Trin 5: 4 (3: 2) On the first Sunday in Advent, the Barracudas competed against UHC Castle Stars Trin from Graubünden. In a quiet game, the Romanshorns took the lead 2-0. Although Oberthurgau had more of the game, the Graubünden team equalized thanks to their efficient appearance in front of goal. The Barracudas reacted immediately and were able to go into the break deservedly with a 3-2 lead. Shortly after the restart, the Barracudas restored the two-goal lead. However, the Bündner from Trin showed a second time in this game a lot of morale and caught up again (4: 4). The Romanshorns for their part were not deterred by the goals against and increased again to 5: 4. As a result, the Barracudas confidently downplayed the time and didn't even give the Grisons the chance to start their final offensive. Barracudas Romanshorn UHC Phantoms Rafzerfeld 6: 3 (3: 0) In the second game the Barracudas Romanshorn played against the so far unbeaten UHC Phantoms Rafzerfeld. In an even game it was the Romanshorns who took the lead. The barracudas played safely in the back and with a lot of patience in front. Shortly before the break, the barracudas received a two-minute penalty after an over-motivated effort. The UHC Phantoms was able to start the second half with an outnumbered game and actually scored the connection goal. After that, however, the Romanshorns were no longer naked. They scored the goals in the front and had a stylish goalkeeper in the back in Fabio Steiger who kept everything that came on his box. After two hits in a numerical tie and one in the majority, it was 6: 1 for the Barracudas early in the second half. Although the Zurich team threw everything forward again and replaced the goalkeeper several times with a fourth field player, they only managed to make a small cosmetic result to make it 6: 3. After these first two wins of the season, the Barracudas are definitely ready for the upcoming home round. This will take place on December 22nd in the Kantihalle Romanshorn. UHC Barracudas, Marcel Looser Thank you very much This year, too, we could count on your numerous appearances at our Christmas bazaar. With your purchase you are benefiting people who are in need of support. Thank you very much for your long-term loyalty. We always enjoy working creatively for you. Creative women's groups Romanshorn and the surrounding area We say thank you! Letters to the editor After the vote in Salmsach and Romanshorn regarding the merger of the two communities, the interest group thanks for an independent Salmsach. Thanks to the Pro Fusion pink committee for the open, but sometimes tough competition.Thanks to all Romanshorn voters who gave Salmsach their sympathy votes, but also to everyone who voted in favor of our congregation and thus expressed their appreciation for their neighbors. Thanks to Mayor David H. Bon for the kind words to Salmsach at the aperitif on voting Sunday and for the assurance of continued good cooperation between the Romanshorn community and the Salmsach community. And last but not least, of course, a big thank you to all Salmsach women and men who came to vote at the community meeting and who voted for the future of Salmsach. Interest group independent Salmsach Thank you very much! Letters to the editor Dear voters of Romanshorn and Salmsach. I would like to thank you for the great support. I am delighted that you have chosen me to join the Romanshorn-Salmsach secondary school authority. Right from the start I was welcomed very warmly in the community and I felt very comfortable straight away. This was one of the reasons that I decided to run for this office. I'm looking forward to the challenge ahead. Special thanks go to the Salmsach community association. Regi Züllig and her team gave me great support during the election campaign. I would also like to thank my competitor, Jörg Fischer from Romanshorn, for the fair election campaign. Patrik Forrer, Salmsach

12 Page 12 Recognition and first-hand information At the end of the year for the volunteer Locorama employees, the focus was on recognition of the work they had done and the upcoming restoration of the Lokremise. At the end of the year dinner on the fondue ship, the board of trustees of the historic station ensemble paid tribute to the invaluable commitment of the volunteers. "Thanks to you, the historic railway heritage can be preserved and regularly made accessible to a broader public," emphasized the Chairman of the Board of Trustees David H. Bon. After a demanding period, the turnaround was achieved. «Thanks to your help, we succeeded.» But there is also a lot to do on the future path. With new organizational structures, the volunteers are to be integrated even better in the future. Around 40 railway enthusiasts are currently doing valuable work in the Locorama. The seven-member, also volunteer board of trustees complements the important basic work with know-how from a wide variety of areas. Great support due to national importance Board of Trustees Uwe Moor reported on details of the extensive renovation measures on steep and flat roofs, windows, gates, facades and electrical installations. The orders for the first conversion steps have been awarded to companies in the region. Vice President Marcel Hohl explained the financial aspect of the restoration. The total costs are around one million francs. According to the Office for Monument Preservation, the Locorama is an object of national importance and still serves its original purpose. The federal and cantonal subsidies are correspondingly high. With allowable costs of CHF and a contribution rate of 54 percent, these amount to CHF. In addition, the Romanshorn voters approved a contribution in the amount of Swiss francs at the municipal budget meeting in November 2012. This includes the obligatory monument preservation community contribution of ten percent of the eligible costs. On the basis of a detailed request, the Romanshorn City Council also released the remaining francs of the guaranteed renovation amount in November of this year. The contributions flow exclusively into the maintenance of the property, which corresponds to the primary purpose of the foundation. Thanks to grants from the “Chole fürs Dach” campaign as well as other notable donations from private individuals, the financing for the first renovation tranche is secured in the total amount of around Swiss francs. Marcel Hohl thanked the Romanshorn voters, the city council, the federal government and the canton as well as all other donors for their support. The construction of new sanitary facilities is planned for a later date. The Board of Trustees regards the wood shed as the ideal location, where the reception area could also be accommodated. However, since Holzschopf is not part of the valid building rights contract with the SBB, the Board of Trustees has started negotiations for this purpose. New opening in May 2014 Adolf Müller thanked the Board of Trustees on behalf of the employees. "I am very pleased that the Locorama will shine in new splendor at the 2014 season opening on May 3rd and 4th." Foundation Historisches Bahnhof-Ensemble Romanshorn Romanshorn is subject to HC KZO Wetzikon. The handball club Romanshorn loses the home game against Wetzikon with 25:27 (11:16). Despite a race to catch up at the beginning of the second half, the HCR suffered this disappointing defeat. The Romanshorner went as favorites in the home game against the table tenth HC KZO Wetzikon. In the initial phase they lived up to their role and were each in the lead with two to three goals. The fact that the HCR could not clear away was primarily due to the lack of evaluation of chances and the strong goalkeeper of the guests. From the 20th minute there was a break in the game of HC Romanshorn, and Wetzikon found his rhythm through the counter-attack. With some time penalties, among other things, the HCR acted twice undernumbered for 2 minutes, the game was also made relatively easy for the guests. So the Zurich scored hit after hit and led to the break with 11:16. Coach Andy Dittert seemed to have found the right words during the break. The HCR was able to successively reduce the traded backlog after the break. In the last 15 minutes of the game, however, the home team missed taking over the dictation of the game completely. The HC KZO Wetzikon always led with one or two goals in the final phase and was able to save the lead over time. The change to 6-0 coverage and the substitution of Perazic, who showed a convincing performance in his partial deployment, could not change anything about the Romanshorn defeat. The HCR is now in seventh place in the table and has to compete at the Seen Tigers and in the prestigious derby at HC Arbon until the end of the year. HCR, Christian Müller

13 Page 13 KW 49, Club of the Older Advent Celebrations The Advent celebration will take place on Thursday, December 12th, at the restaurant Usblick by Brüggli, Hofstrasse 5. A car from the company Arnold, Uttwil, makes a collection tour with the following departure times: Restaurant Bahnhöfli, Uttwil, Parking lot, Restaurant Landhaus, Holzensteinerstr. at the Haus Holzenstein car park and then Reckholdernstrasse, Holzenstein bus stop, a.m. Alleestrasse, Sprachheilschule bus stop, a.m. Alleestrasse at Hauser AG, a.m. Salmsacherstrasse, cinema a.m. Salmsacherstrasse, bus stop opposite the SBB high-rise building Use this free ride! This car will take you home after dinner. The return time will be announced at the celebration. Elderly Club, Hans Hagios Füchse in the residential area Recently, more foxes have been sighted in Romanshorn and Uttwil during the day and night. With the cold season of the year, the food supply for the foxes becomes scarcer again. A forgotten bowl with cat or dog food in the garden is a welcome invitation for the fox or the marten to enjoy it. For various reasons, however, wild animals should not be fed. The clever animals also like to tamper with the garbage bags. Torn garbage bags and a mess on the streets testify to the nightly visits by Fuchs & Co. It is therefore advisable to only provide the garbage bags shortly before the garbage collection and to clear away food bowls that are not empty. As a result of increased leisure activities on the part of humans, we are also increasingly demanding the habitat of our wild animals. To this day, we are not yet aware of any cases in Romanshorn and Uttwil in which people were directly harmed by the fox, for example through bites. We would also not overestimate the danger posed by the transmission of the fox tapeworm. It should be noted, however, that the fox tapeworm can also be transmitted by dogs and cats because they are considered to be intermediate hosts for the fox tapeworm. Catching a fox in an inhabited area or killing it with a shot is not an easy task for safety reasons and involves various dangers. In addition, the written consent of the landowner is a prerequisite for killing a fox with a weapon. A sighting of the fox in the residential area is nothing unusual in and of itself and normally does not require any action. If, for whatever reason, you should ever need the game warden, further information regarding possible hiding places, shelters and the time of sighting will be helpful. If necessary, please contact our game warden Max Hilzinger or his deputy Peter Höltschi. They are happy to help and advise you. Stefan Bauer, Hunting Society Romanshorn-Uttwil Winning gymnastics club at volleyball winter championship Last week the volleyball winter championship 2013/14 started. In the very first round, the TVR met last year's winner, the STV Frauenfeld, and the newcomer in category B, the TG canton police. These pairings promised an interesting evening. In the first game of the evening, the STV Frauenfeld and the canton police TG faced each other. The game ended 2-0 for the reigning champions from Frauenfeld. In the second game the volleyball skills of the TVR were in demand against the canton police TG. Due to some absences, the TVR could only compete with five players. This was noticeable in the start-up phase. The vote on the field was not quite right. Many mistakes on the part of the TVR made it easy for the KaPo to get points. The TVR was able to improve in the second half and increase the pressure on service. The canton police now had a hard time with the TVR game. The TVR won the first set with 25:20. In the second set, the TVR pulled away early with a few points and ended the set and the game with 25:10. In the third game, the TVR faced the winner of the previous season. The STV Frauenfeld played nervously from the start and showed difficulties in accepting service. The bad assumptions made the game of the Frauenfelder transparent, and so the TVR was able to successfully block several attacks by the Frauenfelder. If an attack found its way to the Romanshorn side, it was well defended and played back with a good attack. The TVR won the first round surprisingly high with 25:12. The second set began like the first ended: The Frauenfelder struggled with the strong service of the TVR and didn't really get into the game. The TVR played with focus from the start and never lost a ball. So some balls that already looked like safe points for the women's fields could somehow be maneuvered over the net. Many mistakes made by the Frauenfelder meant that the TVR was able to set itself apart with a few points. The Romanshorn played a good volleyball and you only noticed during a few rallies that only five people were playing. The TVR seized the opportunity and returned the favor for the last season when the Frauenfelder secured the championship title with a win against the TVR. The TVR finished the second set with 25:13 and deservedly won 2-0. TVR, Michi Baumann

14 Page 14 Exit Marrakech Friday, December 6th, and Saturday, December 14th, by Caroline Link, Germany 2013, German, ages 14+ When the 17-year-old Ben met his father Heinrich, the celebrated director, who in Marrakech If he takes part in or attends an international theater festival, no fairy tale from the Arabian Nights begins for him. His surroundings are just as alien to him as his divorced father, with whom he is to spend his summer vacation for the first time in a long time. The devil's violinist Saturday, December 7th, clock, by Bernard Rose, Germany 2013, English, d Subtitle The Europe-wide celebrated violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini is in the mid-19th century. The women and concert-goers are at his feet. An eccentric genius, the first rock star in history. Ernest et Célestine Sunday, December 8th and Wednesday, December 11th, clock, by Stéphane Aubier, animation, France 2012, German, ages 6+ In the world of bears it is frowned upon to befriend a mouse. But Ernest the big bear, as a clown and musician, is not necessarily part of the cinema program, which is called a conventional bear, and takes in the little mouse Célestine, an orphan who has fled the rodent underworld, into his home. These two lonely people support each other and mess up the existing order. Based on the picture books by Mimi and Brumm. Les grandes ondes Wednesday, December 11th, clock, by Lionel Baier, Switzerland 2013, original version d / f subtitles, ages 10+ In April 1974, the French-speaking Swiss radio broadcast the young feminist journalist Julie Dujonc-Renens and the sly reporter Joseph-Marie Cauvin together to Portugal. There they are supposed to report on the development aid of the Swiss Confederation. The projects financed by Switzerland are proving questionable, and the sudden outbreak of the Carnation Revolution does nothing to calm the situation. Lunchbox Tuesday, December 10th and Wednesday, December 18th, by Ritesh Batra with Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, India 2013, original version, German / English subtitles, ages 10 and up Ila wants to add new flavor to her bland Bring marriage. She sends her husband a lunch box full of special delicacies. This ends up in the wrong place on the desk of the grumpy accountant Saajan. The next day, too, she mistakenly goes to Saajan and so he writes an answer. An exchange of letters between two lonely souls begins. Captain Phillips Friday, December 13th and Saturday, December 21st, by Paul Greengrass with Tom Hanks, USA 2013, German, ages 14+ In April 2009, the US container ship Maersk Alabama is hijacked by pirates off the east coast of Somalia . In order to save his crew from capture, Captain Richard Phillips offers himself to the pirates as a hostage. The leader Muse confronts his victims again and again with thoughts about globalization and its effects in order to defend his own piracy in this way. Phillips tries everything to buy time. Preparations for a liberation campaign begin in the background. This occurs after three days, but it does not end bloodlessly. Kino Roxy Christmas Impressions The fact that traditions know how to please was once again shown by the Musikverein and the Singing Association with their pre-Christmas concert in the Protestant church. Every time it is a special kind of Advent concert: The Musikverein and the Romanshorn Singers Association have been performing together for decades, and therefore a cultivated tradition. And it is not surprising that the seats in the Protestant church are extremely well occupied, including last Sunday evening. Lots of applause and a farewell With their one and a half hour performance, the 80 musicians left a lasting impression on the audience: with compositions by Beethoven “Ehre Gottes” and “Ode an die Freude” and Christmas songs like “Hear, it sounds” and “Hear the angel- Choir »the sonorous male voices of the Singers' Association filled the church. With “Colossus” the numerous listeners made the acquaintance of a high-quality composition that will probably be heard again at the cantonal music festival. "Forrest Gump" and "We are the world" showed the spectrum of the music association. For the first time then the joint performances: in the past, the two clubs each sang and played the Christmas carol “Silent Night”, this time the “Prisoner's Choir” from Verdi's Nabucco and a melody “Holy Night” also arranged by the conductor Roger Ender. There was a special reason for this: after 20 years as a conductor, Rolf Schädler led the singer's association for the last time on this evening. He was bid farewell with long and warm applause, he did so himself with an encore of “Wiehnachtsglogge”. Markus Bösch Image: Markus Bösch