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egl .: romantic comedy; also shortened as: romcom; there romantic comedies particularly popular with female audiences, they have sometimes been since the 1980s chick flicks called

Romantic comedies
are traditionally among the most popular (sub) genres in international film history. If one disregards the fundamental problem with the fixation of genre characteristics, they are - as the name already makes clear - characterized by the fact that romantic relationships and the associated dramatic entanglements and obstacles are at the center of the narrative, which, however, are less serious and melodramatic, but are presented in a 'cheerful' and comical way. This applies accordingly as a key criterion, not least to distinguish romantic comedies from melodrama, for example happy ending.
With some justification, romantic comedies can be called a conservative genre not only because of their relatively stable features in terms of content and form, but especially because of their ideological implications. This includes the typical fixation on the heterosexual / heteronormative relationship between men and women and - closely related to this - the focus on the bourgeois-romantic, idealistic-ideological concept of 'true love' and the couple made for one another (as in You’ve got mail 1998, Nora Ephron, or in Serendipity, 2001, Peter Chelsom). This pattern is also evident in a special variant of the romantic comedy that was particularly popular in Hollywood cinema of the 1930s: the so-called screwball comedy (the best known is probably Bringing up baby USA 1938, Howard Hawks).
General (post-) modern developments in popular cultural hybridization, differentiation and 'deconstruction' can also be attributed to romantic comedies recognize, such as Lone Scherfig's (dogma) film Italiensk for begyndere (Denmark 2000) illustrated. Woody Allen's film is already considered an early radical and self-reflective variety of the genre Annie Hall (1977).

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