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Google: More than just a classic search engine

Google search
Image: teltarif.de Above all, Google is one thing: the The epitome of searching the Internet. Despite competition from Bing, Yahoo and some small and very small providers, the company has consistently held itself for years as by far the most important provider when it comes to finding content on the Internet. Google (just like its competitors) has a lot more to offer than the original search function - although the spartan start page with input box has remained a trademark. We show you everything that is possible with Google - and what the user should pay attention to when searching.

The classic search engine: friend and sorrow of Universal Search

Anyone who uses the classic, simple Google search will have noticed a gradual change in the results pages in recent years: Instead of receiving the 10 most suitable answers from the Google index, Google provides an overview of the results, the classic search hits with results linked to various other Google services. Google calls the whole thing Universal Search - a concept that, by the way, not only drives Google, but can also be found on Bing, for example.

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Image: Google The whole thing has advantages and disadvantages for the user: if you are looking for a certain product, for example, you will also find suitable images or videos directly and do not have to click through the various tabs. In addition, there may be an automatic price comparator - practical at first glance.

But the Universal Search is not always as beneficial as it initially appears. The problem is: the neutral order based on uniform relevance criteria is falsified. The user does not necessarily find the "best" hit at the top, but rather, for example, by integrating Google News, it may simply be the last medium that lagged behind on a topic - and fast media with good content in particular may be punished. The common user cannot understand the criteria according to which the individual elements are sorted on the start page - and it remains to be seen whether the shopping tips should be looked for in a classic list of results.

All in all: The results of the Universal Search can offer added value - but if you really want results sorted according to relevance, you should be careful with the results page. It does not represent the entire Internet equally, but provides a weighted excerpt.

Google Maps

Google Maps
Screenshot: teltarif.de In addition to the classic search function, various services have established themselves on Google. One of the best known is Google Maps, the search engine provider's map service. This enables not only the map display (if desired as a satellite image), but also route planning, various "layers" for example for public transport, photos taken by users, recorded videos and more.

But also the offers of the competition are not to be underestimated in terms of maps: Bing above all has a useful alternative (depending on the purpose) called Bing Maps. A continuous expansion of the offer can also be seen at Microsoft.

Street View

Google Street View
Screenshot: teltarif.de Google Street View heated the minds in this country: The service, as a supplement to the maps offer, offers the possibility of looking at streets up close and navigating them. To do this, Google drives the streets by car and takes photos of the surroundings - and this is exactly what is a thorn in the side of some residents for data protection reasons. Thus, the balancing act between serious concerns and the existing advantages remains: If you want to see before booking a holiday whether the area keeps what it promises, you may find here just as much clues as the user who gives the holidaymaker during the time of absence Wants to clear out the house.

Google News

Google News
Screenshot: teltarif.de As part of Google News, the search engine giant presents selected topics from various topic blocks, in which it combines the contributions of various selected media on the start page. You can also search for these news sources in the news fund.

In the fast news search sector, at least on the German market, Google has no real competition: in earlier times, paperball.de, for example, was a serious provider here, but it has now undergone various changes in ownership and technology and can no longer keep up with Google News . Bing's news search was initially properly expanded in the English version, but Microsoft is now doing a lot here for Germany as well.

Images and videos: media search with Google

Google Pictures
Screenshot: teltarif.de Not only texts are searched with Google, but also all other types of media. Accordingly, there is the well-known Google image search (in which Google has to deal with the very strong competitor Bing in this area).

Instead of the video search, Google has now placed the link to Youtube prominently on the homepage. However, a look at the Google video search may still be worthwhile: On YouTube, for example, a number of music videos are blocked due to copyright issues, but the Google video search finds suitable competitor offers. In the video area, Bing can also score with a small feature: Here, "hovering over" a video with the mouse starts the film as a preview in the respective frame - chic.

Google translate

In the past there was mainly the Babelfish - a feature integrated in Altavista that enables texts to be translated between different languages. Meanwhile, Google also offers a corresponding service, which is simply called Google Translate in German. The text to be translated is simply entered in the appropriate field. As is usual with such translation services, the result cannot be adopted 1: 1 - the technology has not yet reached that point. Nevertheless, it is usually understandable what the content is about - so it may be a good starting point for further action. Google offers cross-translation from and into numerous languages. The Bing counterpart for translating texts is called Bing Translator and is comparable to the Google service.

If you don't want to translate a single text, but want to Germanize an entire website, you can use the "[Translate this page]" button on Google, which appears next to the search result on websites in other languages. Bing also offers a corresponding feature for search results.

Other Google services

The previous overview only provides an excerpt of the available Google services - the search engine provider does, however, provide an overview of its offers, which is worth a look.

Search Engines: The Google Competition

Even if the competition in Germany is comparatively weak in terms of market share: Bing, Yahoo and other providers offer alternatives to Google. You can find out what these offer and how you can optimize your search with all search engines in our search engine guide.

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