How often should you shave your sideburns

Trimming a beard made easy: tips for perfect styling

Whether full beard or three-day beard, the beard trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and styling. How to put your beard in the limelight.

Long, short, full and with sideburns: Beards are currently really trendy. No matter which style you choose, but groomed he must look. Like yours Trim beardwhat to watch out for and which part of facial hair is often forgotten - read now.

Trimming a three-day and full beard - step by step

When trimming a beard, the degree of difficulty increases with the length. A three-day beard is quickly trimmed to the perfect length. A Beard - especially with long, curly hair - clearly requires more precision.

This is how you can trim your beard:
  • To wash Shorten your beard and dry it off well. Important: leave shampoo and Co. do not act too long, because too much moisture softens the whiskers and that makes them difficult Dry shave.
  • If your beard takes a long time to dry, grab the hair dryer.
  • Brush or comb Your whiskers in shape. So you can see exactly which hair is sticking out, too long or where Shaved contours Need to become. Tip: take that Jawbone as a conclusion Of your beard.
  • Before trimming this one, make your whiskers stand up with a comb. The trimmers are usually guided in all directions, so too against the direction of beard growthso you all Catch stubble well. With your hair up, you can see faster when trimming where there is room for improvement.
  • Now select the to trim your beard suitable length on your trimmer or razor. For example at Braun BT7220 beard trimmer and hair clipper. He has a Precision wheel with 39 length settings and sharp metal blades for life. Thanks to the precision attachment and comb attachment, you can define your styling precisely - in 0.5 millimeter steps.
  • Finally, trim your Mustache. Take here not too much abundance away: This also has a visual effect on the rest of the beard. To trim, first comb the Hair down and take the length along your lip shape path. Then straighten the whiskers with the comb and see if you have caught all the hairs.
By the way: With small changes with beard trimming can also Easily hide small flaws. Do you have a double chin? This can be super concealed with a beard if you let it grow to just below the Adam's apple. A short chin quickly becomes more prominent if you let your hair grow a little longer than the rest of your beard at this point.

Trim three-day beard in just a few steps:
  • Trim your three-day streak regularly. He must be trimmed more often than a full beard, otherwise it can quickly look unkempt.
  • Set up your beard trimmer up to five millimeters Length a. From 0.4 millimeters, one usually speaks of a three-day beard. With the Braun 10-in-1 Multi-Grooming-Kit 7 MGK7221 for example, length settings from 0.5 to 21 millimeters are possible. Practical: In addition to the Detail trimmers and comb attachments you can also bring your ear and nose hair on course.
  • Go with the trimmer up from the chin down to the jawbone and sideburns and shave as you go against the direction of growth. This makes the result particularly precise.
  • Take care of the contours for the finishing touches.
  • After trimming three days of stubble, think about those proper care: Wear one at the end Moisturizer, a nourishing aftershave or a beard oil.

Trimming the beard: that's what counts

Let yourself be carried away by the beard trimming and that styling of yours personal preferences guide and pay attention to the Contours of your face. With a little practice, you can quickly find out which length suits you best. In some places it even pays off that Hair of different lengths allow.

Our tip: Dark beards look full even if they are a little shorter. Lighter hair should be a little longer to get the same effect.

Don't forget your sideburns when trimming your beard

sideburns give your beard that finishing touches and yet are often neglected. Practical: you can even have one make wide face look narrow. How thick or thin you make your sideburns when you trim your beard depends on your preferences on the one hand and on the other Strength of your beard growth at.
A tip: the longer the face, the shorter the sideburns should be - and vice versa.

The sideburns start at the hairline next to the ears and, depending on your preference, go diagonally in the face or even connect the hair on the head with the beard. This is how they are trimmed when trimming a beard:
  • Trim your sideburns regularly - depending on the growth of your beard every two to three days.
  • Use yours Beard trimmer or the trimmer attachment Yours Multi-grooming kits for the finishing touches.
  • Comb Finish your sideburns and make sure in the mirror that both sides are the same length.
Do you have any tips on trimming your beard? We appreciate your comments!

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