What is a real business

Do you have a real business or just ONE product?

I just got another very exciting email from one of my mentors in the USA.

I just have to pass this mail on to you because it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to you.

Here we go:

In the first 3 years as an “entrepreneur” I thought by simply “creating a product” that I was building a business.

ehhhhh, WRONG!

I quickly realized that all I was doing was developing short term profit methods.

You know what I mean …

Unique investment products integrated into the backend without real continuity.

Don't get me wrong ... there's nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it came to be where I am today.

What I realized when you didn't ... have ...

A long term profit plan.
A system for one-time payment from returning customers.
Continue to provide ongoing value for your customer.

... then you really don't have a REAL business.

If you can't get out of the day-to-day business to generate income ...

... then you really don't have a REAL business.

Because of this, being able to make money, grow, and earn money with member sites (of all kinds) is THE KEY.

We recently published a blog post detailing this concept in great detail.

I'm talking about slow but consistent profit.
Not the quick spearhead in revenue.

If you are seriously interested in building a BUSINESS and getting it right, make sure to read this blog post.

In it we outline the 8 areas ...

Section 1: Find Profitable Niches
Section 2: Laying the groundwork
Section 3: Creating the Content
Section 4: Improving User Interaction
Section 5: Automation / Technology
Section 6: Retention Boosts
Section 7: The Start
Section 8: Outsourcing and Scaling

Trust me, after selling over $ 20MM in products / services online, I can tell you that if you continue to pursue the quick wins it is a future of doom.

Read this new blog post here.

To your online success,
Mark Thompson