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Prepare disputation lecture: Tips for the content

After submitting the dissertation, it is far from over. After a short break, during which the reports are written, the disputation is due.

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Here you will find some tips on how you can design your disputation presentation. This is difficult when your head is so full that you can no longer separate the important and the unimportant so well from each other.

What is a disputation?

The disputation lat: Disputatio is, as the name suggests, the defense of the dissertation. In the case of the ancient Greeks, it is said to have stood before the dissertation was written, and it was only worth the work to be written after the defense.

As a rule, the disputation consists of a lecture and a discussion. Some doctoral regulations stipulate that the disputation consists of the presentation of theses, which are then discussed individually with the commission.

The disputation lecture is often a challenge for doctoral candidates, because they have worked on their doctorate for two, three, four, five years (some even longer) and are specialists in their doctoral topic and the related research field in the truest sense of the word. This leads to a kind of operational blindness that makes it impossible to present your own topic in 20 minutes.

The disputation lecture

The disputation lecture is not about packing the entire doctoral process into one disputation lecture, but only what is essential! Packing your own multi-year research into 20 minutes is simply impossible, and if you wanted to present everything, you would probably spend two hours explaining everything. So what to do How do you choose what is important and what should be included in the presentation?

It is helpful to ask yourself a few questions before the conception of the lecture in order to find out with the answers how you can design your own disputation lecture!