Why does wearing a holder hurt?

Picking up the cat by the neck fur: That's why it's taboo

It is dangerous to grab the cat by the neck and carry it around like that. Some cat owners even use this method to punish the cat. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes in training a cat. Why wearing it on the neck actually dangerous to the cat is read here.

Copied from nature

People who grab cats by the neck, pick them up and carry them, often justify this with the fact that the mother cat also carries her kittens around in this way. That's true, but cats are there especially careful and know instinctively the right place in the neck. The kittens are not injured.

In addition, these are young animals. Grabbing your own adult cat by the neck and carrying it around can be fatal health consequences to have.

Pain and Stress for the Cat

If you grab a cat by the neck and want to carry it around like that, the cat's neck can be injured. After all, an adult cat weighs a lot more than a young animal. When lifting, especially threaten Musculature and connective tissue to be damaged.

That means for the cat Big pain. Besides, the cat is stressed out and scaredwhen it is grabbed by the neck. If worn in this way, the cat may be afraid of people in the future. It is taboo for peopleto lift the cat by the neck.

Lift cats properly

With the right grip, the cat can be lifted painlessly. Grab it with one hand under the chest the cat. With the other support the cat's rump. Your weight will be evenly distributed. This is much more comfortable for your cat and you will certainly be happy to let you lift it.