Do NLU students have time for startups

Start-up: Bremen among the most popular cities in Germany

Young founders also appreciate the city's training opportunities. The university is currently educating about 35,000 students. The importance of the digital industry is becoming more and more important. Startups therefore look to a large talent pool, which should ensure them the opportunity in the years to come to bring qualified staff on board and thus continue on their own path to success.


With the Conblu group of companies, there is also a qualified team in Bremen that specializes in the establishment of companies. Since 2015 it has been possible time and again to develop the first vague business ideas and bring them to market. Conblu then relies on integrating the founded companies into the existing system and thus further expanding its own innovative strength. In this way, the young startups can continue to be supported and promoted in their development. At the same time, there is the opportunity to benefit from the internal networking of business processes. Online marketing is always an important instrument for the development of young companies. In this way, the in-house projects quickly come into contact with a large target group. Further information can also be found at


Berlin is trendy

Berlin has also managed to position itself for startups in recent years. Worldwide, the capital currently ranks 17th in the ranking of the best cities for start-ups. This was determined by the Startup Genome project, which turned to the decisive factors for the young companies for this purpose. It is primarily due to the public attention that the start-up scene in Berlin has developed so rapidly in recent years. With regular reports on successful young companies, more and more founders decided to go this way. Above all, they hoped for useful business relationships that could be more easily established with other companies through the local proximity.


The area around Rosenthaler Platz is of particular importance within the city. The density of newly founded companies is particularly high here. In the meantime, this has even earned the street the name "Silicon-Allee". Kaufda is one of the companies that made the breakthrough there. With the simple idea of ​​putting advertising brochures on the Internet and making them accessible to everyone, these founders were able to establish themselves quickly. Meanwhile, no explanation is necessary for the companies eDarling and Zalando. They have long since moved beyond the founding stage and are currently enjoying steadily increasing sales. Two new companies in innovative industries are launched every day in Berlin. In this way, the capital succeeds in expanding its own economic importance.

However, this wide variety of newly founded companies resulted in a space problem in the capital. In Berlin it has long been difficult for founders to find suitable office space in a central location. If offers are available, they are usually marked with very high prices. In combination with the continuing shortage of apartments, this results in a clear shortcoming from the point of view of the founders. They see the current financial situation as a key reason to opt for a different path.