How can you copyright a script?

PROTECT THE SCREENPLAY. Copyright & copyright for screenwriters

Would you like to register your script as a work of origin?

PriorMart stores your work digitally & encoded with a notary.

With the notarial deposit of your works, you create irrefutable proof of the time of creation. In this way you prevent someone else from posing as the author and protect yourself against plagiarism and theft of ideas.

Fast & secure - protected in 5 minutes.

First protection level: Being able to prove your own script ideas!

Create proof that will stand up in court about the point in time when you had an idea. This can be very helpful in later arguments. With the notarial deposit you receive a reliable priority without publication.

Second level of protection: copyright for your script

Once the script reaches the required level of creativity, it is automatically protected by copyright. The question of evidence can be problematic: Without an official registration it is difficult to prove the exact time of creation retrospectively. However, this is decisive for your copyright protection. With a notarial priority you can prove the time of creation in a court of law, even decades later if necessary.

Third level of protection: Continuous documentation of all plants

Would you prefer not to deal with property rights issues at all? Would you like to concentrate fully on your creative work and at the same time know that you are legally safe? Play it safe with the notarized document archive at PriorMart. Save all the works you have worked on at regular intervals, both new and old. Save yourself the thought of whether a work is already finished or whether it has the required level of protection for copyright. These legal details only become relevant to you if a dispute actually arises. In this case, you are well prepared - with proof that will stand up in court and that precisely describe your path of creation.

How can I notarise my script?

With PriorMart you only need 5 minutes.

  1. Register with PriorMart.
  2. Save your text to a file.
  3. Log in and upload the file via the encrypted internet connection.

Finished. PriorMart will take care of everything else for you. (More about PriorMart.)

Fast & secure - protected in 5 minutes.