How do the Eskimos build igloos

Build an igloo like the Inuit do

Not only outdoor fans dream of spending the night in an igloo. This can also be a great experience for children and adults who want to experience something special in winter. You don't have to travel to Canada or Alaska to do this, as long as there is enough snow, you can easily build an igloo here.

Choosing the right construction site and tools

If you want to build an igloo, a site with sufficiently compact snow is essential for your project. If you can stand without skis or snowshoes without sinking in, the consistency of the snow is right.

However, if there is not enough compact snow, you can make it yourself. To do this, step on the snow on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 25 square meters and then let it rest for a few hours. The building ground should be as level as possible, this simplifies the construction of the snow house. A sheltered place with evening sun and a good view is ideal. In addition, to build an igloo, you will need a shovel, snow saw, and stick or rope to set the perimeter.

Preparation and manufacture

First, use the stick or string to mark a circle at least two meters in size in the snow. The rounder the circle, the easier it is to build and the more stable the igloo is. The subsoil must be firm, if necessary, trample the snow down again before starting construction. Now it's time to saw the blocks for construction. The edge length of these snow blocks should be around 45 x 60 x 20 centimeters. When transporting it, keep in mind that such a compact block of snow can weigh around 20 kilos!

How to build an igloo

In order to build the igloo, the blocks in the first row are set up inclined slightly inwards along the base line. It is important that the blocks support each other. This is the only way they can later bear the weight of the dome. The joints between the individual blocks are cemented with snow as soon as the first row is closed. Now saw an inclined ramp into four blocks in the first row. The igloo is built higher over this by placing the snow blocks in the middle of the columns in the lower blocks. Each cuboid is supported in the middle by the two lower adjacent cuboids.

You build up row by row in a spiral. Saw the blocks for the top rows to fit as closely as possible. The final block is cut a little larger than the remaining hole and then put on. Then saw it from the inside until it fits into the hole. "In the igloo, at least up to four degrees Celsius are possible to endure well in a warm polar sleeping bag," says the online portal of the "Berliner Zeitung". You should therefore dig the entrance of the igloo as deep as possible into the snow so that little heat can escape.