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Board game: chess

Which chess player is not proud when he has achieved a wonderful mate combination? You can tell your grandchildren about it and hang the picture framed over the bed. Far less regarded is the swindle, which is more attached to the odor of the indecent and undeserved, which turns the "fair" outcome of the game on its head - anything but a sheet of glory. Or not? Anyway, the magazine praised it New in Chess a "scam price" of 250 euros for 2020 - do you feel like it?

The Australian grandmaster David Smerdon is evidently a gifted "swindler" himself, who has already managed to rescue him from a desperate situation. So who could be more suitable for the "art of swindling" (see also ZEITmagazin No. 15/20) as in his book The Complete Chess Swindler presented, to put it in the appropriate light and on top of that, as a trained psychologist, to show promising "breeding grounds" in the opponent for a potential swindle, be it his impatience, fear, hubris or control. And it is important to seduce him. Idealiter with an easy to see through and to parry trap, behind which a devilish one hides - the real punch line! White thought that he had fended off Black's threat of 1 ... Ne2 + because of 2.Rxe2 Qxe2 3.Qe7 + Kg8 4.Qe8. But now Black was able to checkmate in two moves with a "clap of thunder". How?

Solution from No. 40:

White draws and mates on move 3. How?

To 1.Kc3! the black knight caught in the corner must move: 1 ... Nb3 2.Kxb3 (or 1 ... Nc2 2.Kxc2) and now because of the pressure to move 2 ... Ba7 3.Nxc7 frosted