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Parents can switch off their teenagers' cell phones by voice command

A new Google feature is the dream of all helicopter parents: Now teenagers' smartphones can also be monitored.

If the children prefer to snap chat and instagram over dinner instead of listening to their parents' exciting stories, they can now get the attention they deserve with a simple voice command. For this purpose, an age restriction in the "Family Link" available on Android phones will be lifted and new features will be added, as Google announced.

Family Link was launched by Google last year. For example, it allows parents to determine which apps their children can use for how long. In addition, the current location of the child is transmitted to the parents' smartphone. So far, monitoring has only been possible in children under the age of 13. This restriction has now been lifted, which means that parents can also monitor the smartphones of their 16 or 17-year-old teenagers.

Parents need teenagers' consent

Users over the age of 13 must agree to the monitoring in order for it to start. But parents of course have potential leverage here to force their children to consent, such as withdrawing pocket money. The young person can end the total surveillance on his own device afterwards, but then it is completely blocked for 24 hours - enough time for parental sanctions.

Family Link also gets support for voice input via the Google Assistant. If the parents then say, for example, “Hey Google, lock Zoé Sophie Amelia's device”, she has five minutes before her device becomes temporarily unusable. Almost all of the new Family Link features are already available, with Google Assistant support coming next week and then initially in the US.

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