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Nokia and Apple end patent dispute

Simon Lohmann

The long-standing legal disputes between Apple and Nokia are coming to an end. In the future, the two companies even want to work together in a research area.

EnlargeCooperation instead of litigation: Apple and Nokia cooperate

In a press release, Apple confirmed the settlement of its patent dispute with the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia and at the same time announced the signing of a multi-year license agreement. Nokia is said to have received an upfront payment from Apple as part of the new agreement, with further amounts to follow.

For Nokia, this is a significant agreement with Apple, said Maria Varsellona, ​​Nokia’s Chief Legal Officer. "With Apple as a business partner - and not as a competitor - we can work together on the needs of our customers."

In a collaboration agreement, it was agreed that Nokia would provide Apple with certain products and services in the area of ​​network infrastructure. In return, Apple wants to support Nokia's digital health products and offer them for sale in Apple stores and online.

In addition, it is planned to want to work together more closely in this area in the future. Regular summits should also ensure that the two companies work together efficiently and to the benefit of both companies and their customers.

In the past, Apple and Nokia sued each other. For example, Apple is said to have infringed up to 32 patents in the USA and also in Germany last year - including display, chip and antenna patents. Both Nokia and Apple have now withdrawn all lawsuits and are looking forward to the settlement of the longstanding legal disputes and to the new cooperation.