What are some careers in quantum physics

Business Psychology and Quantum Physics?

What does business psychology have to do with quantum physics? Nothing, except that quantum physics is misused by some esotericists as the theory behind business psychology. In particular, lateral entrants into business psychology stand out again and again due to their absurd references to “quantum physics”. Quantum physics cannot help it - it is a recognized field of physics. Quantum physicists postulate things that seem impossible or paradoxical to us: for example, that something can communicate with another something at the other end of the world at a speed that is higher than the speed of light. Or that something can be both itself and something else.

That irritates - and elicits the strangest fantasies from quantum mystics: time travel should be possible, conversations with the deceased, teleportation. We don't deny it: these would be useful tools for business psychologists. But it doesn't exist. Why shouldn't one also speak of quantum physics in psychology? Here are a few very practical, simple reasons:

Because quantum physics does not offer a theory that explains psychological processes. (And don't even want to.)

Because quantum physics is not dealt with in any serious business psychology course.

Because quantum physics in the context of business psychology has so far only been mentioned by people who have acquired their knowledge in an unscientific manner.

Because quantum physicists would never claim to be able to explain psychology or even economic psychology.

Because quantum physics is not mentioned in any sensible psychology textbook - regardless of whether it is business psychology, personality psychology, social psychology or anywhere else.

Because no recognized business psychology journal would publish a text that refers to quantum physics.

Last but not least: Because nobody would believe a business psychologist who relies on quantum physics. (Although that is unfortunately not entirely true - especially in the coaching and HR areas, one sometimes encounters a terrifying proximity to the esoteric, the New Age and the parapsychological.)