How do I use Samsung Odin

Instructions: Flashing a firmware with Odin

Odin is a program to flash on Android devices from Samsung Firmwares and to modify, reset or re-record the smartphone. Here we show you how to use this flash tool correctly.

Downloads and configuration of Odin and your Samsung device

Before actually flashing, you have to pay attention to a few things: Since you are working directly on the Android system "under the hood", small errors and deviations from the instructions can be fatal and cause your device to be irreparably damaged or the manufacturer's guarantee to expire.

  1. If you don't have ODIN on your PC yet - you can download the latest version here
  2. To do this, the current drivers for connecting Samsung's Android devices to the PC must be installed. If you want to be on the safe side, you can download and install the relevant files here.
  3. Finding the right firmware: Anything you want to put on your smartphone later has to be on your PC first. On the website you will find the most extensive collection of current, official Samsung firmwares. After registering for free, you can download the PDA files you want here, which are up to 1.5 GB in size. Pay attention to the correct designation of your device and the country code!
  4. The later flash resets your Samsung device to its factory state - so back up all contacts, messages and files that are important to you beforehand!
  5. ODIN does not work automatically if the cell phone's charge level is below 50%, but the battery should be fully charged. If the battery runs out during the flash, your mobile phone is practically irreparably damaged.

Concrete preparations for the flash process

Before proceeding, you need to make sure that USB debugging is enabled.

  1. Put the device into download mode: Switch off your Samsung smartphone and restart it while holding the "Home", "Volume down" and "Power" buttons. After a warning, which you accept by pressing the "volume up" button, you will enter the desired download mode.
  2. "Run Odin": Start the EXE file of the downloaded Odin folder with administrator rights in order to run "Odin3".
  3. Select PDA & check settings: In the window that appears, you have to pay close attention to the ticks and correct them if necessary. Checkmarks may only be set for "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" (NOT for "Re-Partition")! Second, navigate to the downloaded firmware file under "PDA" and select the TAR or MD5 file.

Flash the firmware with Odin

So far you have been on the safe side, now things are getting serious: If you have made mistakes during the preparation, you can damage the device in the following steps. So you can be doubly sure that you have observed everything.

  1. Establishing a connection: Connect the Android mobile phone in download mode to the PC using the original Samsung USB cable. When plugging in for the first time, drivers may be installed, which takes additional time. Then the window marked in the picture under "ID: COM" should fill up and become colored - your Samsung device is now correctly connected (see screenshot).
  2. Check & Start: Check all settings again and then start the flash process by clicking on "Start". Make sure that the connection is never disconnected during this time.
  3. Wait & look forward: You can follow the progress of the Flash in the status report at the bottom left. Flashing can take a few minutes, during which your device will restart. You can only pull out the cable when a thick, green "Passed" is emblazoned in the upper window. If this appears, the flash process via Odin was successful. Now you can look forward to the new firmware.

Tip: If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, we even have a video tutorial on how to flash via Odin for you. However, these instructions (and the associated picture gallery also work with other devices.