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Which glasses shape fits which face? Three steps to the right model

10.05.2021 – 15:06

Board of Trustees for Good Vision

Berlin (ots)

The decision to buy new glasses is often difficult, because the choice is often just as great as the uncertainty. The good news: three facial features play a role in the choice - eyebrows, face length, and face fullness. Those who take them to heart buy stylishly.

No other accessory influences our appearance as strongly as glasses. It can make you younger and set accents. At best it underlines our personality, at worst it lowers our chances of flirting. The inquiring look into the faces of fellow human beings doesn't make it any easier: Some look simply stunning with glasses, others like gray mice. What's the secret? Which details decide on hopp or top?

Facial feature: eyebrows

Eyebrows give the face expression and contour. So that the aesthetics are not disturbed, the upper line of the glasses frame should harmonize with the curve of the eyebrows, at best form a line. Frames that flatter these eyebrow types:

- Oval brows go well with rounded, elliptical frames. - Straight eyebrows look advantageous with a straight upper eyeglass contour. - Highly curved brows get a nice drive with rising upper eyeglass contours like the cateye frame. - Eyebrows that are shorter than the eyes or that slope downwards get a nice uplift effect with the glasses rim that is extended upwards.

Facial feature: length

Glasses always divide the face horizontally - once with the upper and once with the lower edge. This means: the more conspicuous and contrasting the model in terms of color and frame, the stronger the dividing, i.e. shortening, effect.

- This is how long, narrow faces with high foreheads win through striking, eye-catching and high-contrast full-rim frames with large glasses. They visually shorten the face and are therefore absolutely trendy. - Short, wide faces should avoid this effect. Models with little visible top and bottom edges or only slightly accentuated browbones barely shorten the face. We recommend frameless or half-rim glasses, filigree metal frames, gradient color models with a gradient that becomes lighter towards the bottom, or cateye shapes with an inconspicuous lower contour. - Less pronounced faces benefit from the whole range and can wear glasses depending on the desired effect. The adjusting screws for more effects are the frame thickness and the strength of the color contrast to the face.

Facial feature: fullness

Hardly anyone knows their face shape. For good reason. Most faces are mixed shapes of round, square, trapezoidal or heart-shaped. The attributes turn out to be much simpler for the analysis: Is the face soft and plump, e.g. B. that of Selena Gomez - or rather edgy and tart - like that of Sarah Jessica Parker. The key word here for the ideal shape of glasses is: opposites.

Edged and massive frames are an exciting counterpoint to the loveliness of soft faces. Curved lines, as shown by round glasses and panto frames, bring tension, suppleness and harmony to angular heads.

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