What are Iagos defects in Othello

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Third scene

[437]The very same.



No, do not doubt, my good Cassio, everything

Whatever possible for me, I offer for you.


Do it, noble woman; I know my husband is grieving

As if it were his business.


He is an honest heart. Be quiet, Cassio,

I make my lord and you all over again

To friends like you were.


O good woman,

Whatever happens to Michael Cassio,

He remains loyal to your service forever.


I thank you, Cassio. - You love my lord,

You have known him for a long time; so be sure

He does not turn away from you any further,

When prudence compels him.


Yes, madam.

Wisdom may last so long

Lives on such meager, water-like food,

Perhaps again from the disintegration

That when I am far away and fill my office,

The general forgets my love and loyalty. [437]


Never fear that; before Emilien here

I guarantee you your office; and be sure

If I promise someone a service, I'll do it

Except for the last point: I won't let him rest;

I wake him up tame, talk him out of patience;

His table and bed should be confession and school,

I mix it with everything he does

Cassio's request: therefore be merry, Cassio!

Because your mediator would rather die

Than miss you.

Enter Othello and Iago some distance away.


Madam, here comes

The general.


I take my leave.


Hey, stay and hear me talk!



Not now, I am not at ease, little

Sent for my purpose.


For my part,

Do whatever you want!

Cassio is leaving.


Ha! - I do not like it!


What are you saying


Nothing, my lord; but if - I don't know what.


Wasn't that Cassio, who left my wife?


Cassio, general? Certainly I don't think so

That he would sneak away as if guilty,

Since he sees you coming.


I think it was him.


Oh look, my dear sir! -

A supplicant spoke to me just now,

A man completely discouraged by your displeasure.


Who is it you mean


Well, your Lieutenant Cassio. Dear friend,

Does my love have the strength to move you, [438]

Then in a moment be reconciled with him! -

Isn't he someone who truly loves you

Missing out of haste ', and not out of intent,

I don't get along well with an honest eye: -

Please call him back!


Did he go away now?


Yes, verily, so bowed,

That he left some of his grief to me,

To suffer with him. Dearest, call him again!


Not now, dear heart, another time.


But soon?


As soon as possible, for your own sake.


For dinner then.


No, not today.


Then tomorrow at noon?


I do not dine at home;

The officers invited me to the fortress.


Well, tomorrow night? or tuesday morning,

At lunchtime or in the evening - Wednesday morning? -

O tell me the time, but at most leave it alone

To be three days: Certainly, he regrets it very much;

And his passing, according to our simple understanding -

Although the war demands an example, it is said,

Best yourself - is just a mistake, suitable

For clandestine reprimand. - When can he come?

Please speak, Othello: I do not understand

What I refused you asked for

Or so shuddered silent. Egg, Michael Cassio,

Who advertised you, and many a lovely time

If I didn't always speak favorably of you,

Faithfully championed you - it takes so much effort

To reconcile you? Traun, I would do a lot -


I ask you, let him come when he wants;

I don't want to deny you anything.


It's not for me:

It's like asking you to wear a glove

To keep you warm, to eat strong food,

Or as if I advised you to take special care [439]

For your care - no, I have to ask,

What your love takes right

Then it must be difficult and full of weight

And the granting is uncomfortable.


I don't want to deny you anything;

On the other hand, I ask you, grant me this: -

Leave me a little alone with myself!


Shall I fail? No: goodbye, my husband!


Goodbye my heart I'll follow you right away.


Emilia, come!

To Othello.

Do whatever you feel like;

Whatever it is, I am obedient to you.

Take off with Emilien.


Blissful thing! Condemnation of my soul

I don't love you! And if I don't love you

Then the chaos returns.


My noble general -


What do you say iago?


Did Cassio, when you wooed your wife,

Did you know about your love?


From start to finish: why do you ask?


To do nothing but satisfy my curiosity;

Nothing else bad.


Why the curiosity, Iago?


I didn't think he knew her.


Oh yes, he often went from one to the other.




Really! really! - Do you find anything in it?

Isn’t he honest?


Honestly, my lord?


Honestly, honestly!


As far as I know, General!


What do you think iago?


Think, my lord?


Hmm, think, my lord! By God, my echo!

As if there was a monster in his mind,

Too hideous to show. - something do you mean: [440]

Just now you were shouting: "I don't like that!"

When Cassio left. What do not you like? -

And when I said, I trusted him

In the course of my advertising, you said: "Really?"

And you frowned and frowned

As if you were holding a horrible thought

Locked in the brain: - if you love me,

Speak what you think!


You know, I love you, Lord!


I think you do;

And because I know you are my friend and honest

And weigh the word before you give him breath,

So this stagnation frightens me all the more -

Because this is what happens with wrongly faithless boys

Everyday game; but with the honest man

Secret hint that comes from the heart

In the wrath of nobility.


Well, Michael Cassio -

I can swear, I honestly hold it.


Me too.


You should be what you seem;

And those who aren't, shouldn't seem either.


Quite right, you should be what you seem.


Well, then I think Cassio is honest.


No, you mean more:

I ask you, speak to me exactly as you think

Just as you think; and give the worst thinking

The worst word!


My general, forgive:

Although you are bound to every duty of service,

It's not me where slaves feel free.

Express the thoughts!

Suppose they were low and wrong -

Where is the palace, and where not once

Shameful intrudes? Whose heart is so pure

That this and that dirty doubt is not

Sitting in council once and holding judgment day

With legal research? [441]


You betray your friend, Iago,

Do you think that he is offended, and yet concealed from him,

Whatever you may think now.


I ask you

Though maybe what I suspect is wrong

(How it, I confess it, always torments my life,

Pursue missteps; also my suspicions often

Sin creates out of nothing) that your wisdom

To one who perceives so imperfectly

Does not like to hear; still troubled you

From his uncertainly scattered opinion; -

It cannot endure with your rest and prosperity,

Nor my manhood, honesty and caution,

I'll tell you what I think.


Speak what do you mean


The good name is with man and woman,

My best sir,

The real gem of their souls.

Whoever steals my bag takes trinkets; 's something

And nothing; it was mine, became his now,

And has been the slave of thousands

But whoever steals my good name

He robs me of what doesn't make him richer,

But me as a beggar.


By heaven! i want to know what you think


You cannot do it, lay my heart in your hand.

You still ought to, because it closes my chest.


Ha! -


Oh, keep yourselves, Lord, from jealousy,

The green-eyed monster that defiles

The food that nourishes it! - Hail to the deceived,

He who, aware of his shame, hates the wrong person!

But what minutes of torment does the man count

Who loves, desperately; suspected and adored!


O pity! -


Poor and happy is rich and abundant;

But Croesus' wealth is as poor as winter

For those who always fear that they will become poor: - [442]

Oh heaven, protect all my friends' hearts

With jealousy! -


How? What's this? Do you think,

Is my life supposed to be jealousy? -

And change, like the moon, in eternal sway

With new fear? No, once you have doubts

Determined with one. Swap me for a goat

When I judge the work of my soul

On such a faded, vain phantom,

Delusional like you. It doesn't make me jealous,

They say my wife is beautiful, thrives, speaks jokingly,

She loves company, sings, plays, dances with charm: -

Where there is virtue, that makes it even more virtuous. -

I still draw from my own shortcomings

The slightest fear, nor doubt of their apostasy;

She wasn't blind and chose me. No, Iago,

Before I doubt, I want to see; I doubt, proof:

And if I have that, there is nothing else left

Immediately to one with love and jealousy!


I am pleased, because now I am allowed to go without hesitation

Reveal to you my love and duty,

With a freer heart. Drum as a word of friend

Just hear this much: I still keep silent about evidence. -

Notice your wife; check them out with Cassio,

The eye clear, not blind, not jealous;

How sad would your free, noble heart be

Offended by inner goodness: therefore pay attention!

I know Venice's manner and customs:

There they make heaven see things

Which they hide from the man - good conscience

Doesn't mean there: "Refrain!", No: "Keep it secret!"


Do you mean -


She deceived her father because she is yours -

When she seemed to tremble at your gaze

Was she in love with you.




So consequently:

You who could pretend so young, [443]

That night enveloped her father's gaze,

That he thought it was magic - but scolds me: -

I humbly ask you to forgive

When I love you too much.


I am eternally grateful to you.


I see this upset you a little.


Oh not at all! not at all! -


I am afraid of it.

I hope you want to consider: what I said,

It happened out of love. - But you are moved: -

I ask you, sir! don't stretch my words

To greater space and further direction,

As a guess!




Because if you did

My speeches would have worse consequences

Than I ever thought. I love Cassio very much -

I see you are moved. -


Oh no! not much! -

I think Desdemona is loyal to me.


Long stay it! And believe it for a long time! -


And yet - whether nature, when it gets lost -


There, that's where it lies: when - to put it boldly -

Resist many a marriage proposal

Of the same home, shape and rank,

What, we see, nature always strives for:

Hm, in it you can feel the will to over-lust.

Excessive sense, thoughts unnatural.

But forgive: I have in this case

She definitely didn't mean: although I'm afraid

Your will, returned to a better judgment,

Compare yourselves with their compatriots,

And then maybe she regrets.


Goodbye Goodbye

If you perceive more, let me know more;

Your wife take care of her! - Leave me, Iago! -


Farewell, my gracious lord!



Why am I wed? - The good person

Sees and knows more, far more than he reveals! -

IAGO returning.

My general, I would like to ask you cordially,

Don't brood any further; leave it to the time:

And is it right to leave Cassio on duty?

(Because, of course, he faces him excellently),

But, if you think it's good, hold it out:

In this way he betrays himself and his ways.

See if your wife will return

Desired with urgently violent impetus;

Much follows from this. Meanwhile

Just think I was too busy with fear

(And really I have to fear that it was me -)

And consider them loyal, my noble general!


Don't worry about my composure!


Once again I say goodbye.



This is a man of the highest honesty

And knows the goings-on with a well-experienced sense

The world run. I find you wild, Falk,

And put your ankle strap around my heart

I give you up: flee into the air,

Good luck! - Maybe because I'm black

And I lack the gift of easy handling,

The Stutzer adorns; also because my years

Already lower down; - but that doesn't mean much:

It is gone! - I am deceived! - My consolation

Be bitter hatred. Oh! Curse of marriage,

That these tender beings are ours,

And not their lusts! Better to be a toad

And live on the fumes of a dungeon

As a corner in the beloved being

For others be! - This is the great agony

You have less privilege than the lower one;

it is their destiny, as inevitable as death;

The horned curse hovers right from the start

On the top of our head. See there, she comes: -

Enter DESDEMONA and EMILIA.[445]

If this is wrong, Heaven mocks him! -

I don't want to believe it!


Well, my dear sir?

Your feast and the noble Cypriots,

The ones you have loaded are already waiting for you.


I am to be blamed.


What are you talking about so weakly? Are you not well?


I feel pain on my forehead here.


Oh yes, it comes from being awake, it passes:

I want to tie her tight to you in an hour

It's all right again.


Your handkerchief is too small

She drops her handkerchief.

Just leave: come with me, I'll go in with you.


It torments me very much that you feel uncomfortable.

Exeunt Desdemona and Othello.


I am glad that I can find the cloth here:

This was the Moor's first pledge of love.

My strange husband has called me ten times

Steal the cloth: but she loves it so much

(For he implored her to always guard it carefully),

That she always carries it with her, kisses it

And speaks with it. I'll trace the embroidery,

And give it to Iago:

What he wants it for, heaven knows: it doesn't matter

I submit to his whims game.

Enter JAGO


What's up? What are you doing here alone


Now just don't quarrel, I've got something for you.


Got something for me This is probably nothing new -


Egg! look at me!


To have a foolish wife.


So! nothing else? - Well, speak! What do you give me

For that handkerchief?


Which handkerchief? -


Which handkerchief? [446]

Well, the Moor's first bride present,

That you had to steal from me so often.


Did you steal it


Not that: she accidentally dropped it;

And luckily I stood close and picked it up.

Look, here it is.


A good woman! Give it to me! -


What is it that you are so eager to urge

To knock it off? -

IAGO tear it away from her.

Egg! What is it to you -


If it has no important purpose, give it back to me:

The poor woman! - She will go mad

If she misses it.


You pretend you don't know anything: I need something;

Don't let it be remembered: enough that I need it

Go leave me!

Exit Emilia.

I want to lose this handkerchief with Cassio

There he should find it; Things light as air

Are proof of jealousy so strong

Like Bible sayings. This can have an effect.

The moor is already fighting with my poison: -

Dangerous thoughts are poisons,

Which at first you hardly notice the taste

After only a short effect on the blood

Like sulfur mines glow. I must say it! -


There he comes. Not poppy seed juice, nor mandragora,

All the slumbering powers of nature

Will ever help you sleep sweetly

That you still had yesterday.


Ha! Ha! Faithless to me! Me! -


Well, calm down, General! None of that anymore!


Away! Get away! You threw me on the torture: -

I swear it's better to be very cheated

Than just know a little.


How, General? [447]


What do I suspect of their silent lusts? -

I didn't see it, didn't think it, was harmless;

Slept the next night, ate well, was free and happy;

I didn't find Cassio's kiss on her lips:

If the robber does not miss the robbery,

If you don't tell him, he hasn't been robbed.


It pains me to hear this.


I would still be happy if the whole camp

Baggy boy and everything that enjoyed her sweet body,

And I did not find out. Oh well, forever

Farewell, the rest of your heart! Farewell, my peace!

Farewell, you walled helmet bush, proud war,

Ambition makes virtue! Oh, go well!

Go well, my neighing horse and smacking bronze,

Courageous drum, lively pipe sound,

You royal banner, and all splendor,

Splendor, pomp and armor of the glorious war! -

And oh, you murderous projectile, the rough throat

The eternal Jovis thunder echoes,

Go well! Othello's day's work is done! -


Is it possible - My lord -


Prove, villain, to me that my wife is fooling,

Do it, get me the visible proof;

Otherwise, with the life of my eternal soul,

It would be better for you to be born a dog,

Than face my anger!


Where did it come from?


I want to see, or at least proof,

The slightest doubt about which there is no tick

Hang on, otherwise woe to your soul! -


My noble lord! -


If you slander them cheekily and torture me,

Then never pray again; close the bill;

On top of the highest atrocities heap new atrocities;

Make the sky cry, the earth shake

Because you cannot add anything to the eternal curse,

That is bigger.


O grace! O heaven! Protect me! - [448]

Are you a man? Do you have reason and sense? -

Go well then! Take my office! - I stupid fool

Love and honesty are considered a vice! -

O wretched world! Notice, notice, oh world!

To be sincere and honest is dangerous.

Thanks for the warning: no friend now

I love from now on, because love hurts so much.


No, stay, you should be honest.


I should be smart, because straightforwardness is a fool

Which misses what it seeks.


With God!

I think my wife is faithful and is not;

I think you are good and you are not;

I want proof. Your name, once so bright

Like Diana’s face, it is now desolate and black

Like my face. - If there are knives and ropes,

Poison, fire, or rivers to drink,

I don't have it. - Oh, I would be convinced! -


I see how passion consumes you;

I regret that I gave you the occasion: so would like

You be convinced? -


Would like to? No i want it!


And can. But how? How convinced, O Lord?

Do you want to see the cheek with an open look?

Do you see paired?


Ha, death and the devil! Oh! -


A difficult undertaking, I think to myself

To show them off like this: 'It would be too great,

If more than four eyes were allowed to enter

With such a comedy! So what? How?

What should I do? Where do you find conviction?

It is impossible to see this

And if they were wild like goats and monkeys,

As hot as fiery wolves, clumsy and senseless

How drunken stupidity. Still I tell you

If there is a suspicion of guilt and a good reason,

Which just lead to the gate of truth,

You were convinced that I had such. [449]


Give telling evidence that they are wrong!


I hate this business:

But because I have already gone so far in this -

Tempted by love and stupid honesty -

So I go on. - I slept with Cassio recently,

And since a great pain in my tooth tormented me,

I couldn't rest.

Now there are people of such slack mind

That in dreams they talk about what they are doing,

And Cassio is the kind.

In his sleep he sighs: “Sweet Desdemona! -

Be careful, our love is kept secret! «-

And then he took and squeezed my hand,

Cried: "Sweet child!" - and kissed me fervently,

As if he wanted to tear kisses by the roots

Out of my lips, then put the leg

On mine 'sigh' and kiss me and exclaim:

"Cursed lot that gave you to the Moor!"


O dreadful! horrible!


Well this was just a dream.


But he proved the previous act.


It is a serious concern, even if it is only a dream;

And perhaps serves as a support for other rehearsals

Which prove weak.


I'll tear her to pieces!


No, moderate yourselves: we still see nothing done;

It can still be blameless. But says this one:

You never saw your wife's hand anywhere else

A fine cloth, colorfully embroidered with strawberries?


I gave her one of these, my first present.


I didn't know that. Alone with such a cloth

(Certainly it was hers) I saw today

Cassio wiping his beard.


If it were that -


That, or something else, came from her, so testifies

It against them along with those other signs.


Oh! that the slave would have ten thousand lives!

One is too poor, too weak for my revenge! [450]

Now I see it's true Look here, O Iago,

So I blow my love in all the winds: -

She is gone. -

Up, black vengeance, from your deep hell!

Give, love, your crown and power of the heart

Tyrannical hatred! You blow your burden,

O breasts filled with snake tongues!


I beg you, calm down!


Blood, oh Iago, blood!


Patience, maybe you will change your mind.


Never, Iago, never! Like the sea of ​​Pontus,

The icy stream and the tumbled flood

Never like to ebb backwards, no, unstoppable

In the Propontis and Hellespont rolls:

So should my bloody mind in angry gait

Never look around, nor ebb to gentle love,

Until a sufficiently wide vengeance

Devoured him whole.

He kneels down.

Well by the crystal ether

With guilty reverence for the holy oath

I pledge my word here.

IAGO kneels too.

Don't get up yet! -

Testify, you eternally glowing lights there!

You elements that surround us!

Testifies that Iago consecrates himself here with everything

What his mind, what heart and hand can do,

To punish Othello's disgrace! He commands

And obey it is my dear duty,

How bloody the act! -


I greet your love

Not with vain thanks, no, with a joyful yes,

And immediately I will lead you to work:

Let me hear from you in three days

That Cassio is no longer alive!


My friend is dead; You want it, it happened: -

But spare you!


Damn it, damn it, the pretty whore! [451]

Come on, follow me secretly, I want to secretly

Get me a quick killer

For that handsome devil. - Now you are my lieutenant!


I am yours forever!

You go out.