Why are eBooks better than print

eBook vs. book

eBook vs. Book: Practical Modernism vs. Nostalgic Love

Sure, on the go - when traveling, on the bus and train, on the beach and in the waiting room - most prefer an eBook. This is mainly due to the very low weight compared to the book and the high space savings.

An eReader fits in every handbag, always weighs the same, around 180 grams, and offers space for up to 2,000 eBooks. If you want to take so many paper books with you on vacation, you would need a small truck.

There is only one thing that is definitely taken with you in printed form: the travel guide. Perhaps this makes the travel experience more intense or most of them just don't want to climb around between the pyramids with their precious reading device.

The integrated dictionaries of the eReader are extremely practical when traveling or for the latest romance novel in English. New publications are available much faster as e-books, namely within seconds, even on Sundays or at three at night.

With the search function you can quickly find your favorite quotes marked in the Schmonzette and particularly embarrassing titles can be read wonderfully hidden as an eBook. You know which ones are meant. A printed book cannot compete with such features.

On the other hand, it clearly has other advantages compared to the eBook: Books are just great to touch and what could be nicer than the typical smell of a new book? Swiping over the pages and soaking in the smell of the paper is an experience an eBook cannot offer.

Imaginative covers and special editions just look very decorative on the shelf. Children as young as children can discover and sharpen their senses, especially with children's books with fold-out and feel elements.

And last but not least, a printed book is still high on the list of the most popular gifts. In contrast to an eBook, a beautiful book can be wrapped up and given as a gift to loved ones.