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About YOKOHAMA - the company in focus

YOKOHAMA Rubber is a company that was founded as early as 1917 and has been able to establish itself in the tire manufacturing sector to this day. M + S tires are available as well as products for all weather, winter, rain, summer, Mud and snow. In the meantime, YOKOHAMA is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

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There are also branches in Germany. The company offers different YOKOHAMA winter tires as well YOKOHAMA all-season tires at. When it comes to winter tires, you can choose from models such as:

Which of the tires you need depends on the vehicle that you would like to equip.

CompaniesYOKOHAMA rubber
LocationTokyo, Japan
ProductsHigh-performance tires, winter tires, all-weather tires, summer tires

The YOKOHAMA winter tire experience - these advantages are offered

Whether winter tires 205/55 r16, winter tires 195/65 r15 or even winter tires 225/45 r17 - when choosing tires for the winter, the focus is on quality. The YOKOHAMA winter tire experience shows that the manufacturer uses its tires different features equips. These features include:

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  • very good traction even on ice and snow
  • safe driving experience in winter at higher speeds
  • very good properties for drainage in winter

But the equipment is also impressive. The YOKOHAMA tire experiences show that the manufacturer here on the beveled and wide tread grooves puts. This also creates variable edges on the side grooves. The tires are made with a rubber compound that consists of micro-silica and is enriched with orange oil.

Note: According to our YOKOHAMA tire experience, YOKOHAMA all-season tires can be an alternative. The YOKOHAMA all-season tires do not have to be changed. They are particularly suitable if you are traveling in winter in areas where excessive snowfall is not to be expected.

The advantages and disadvantages of YOKOHAMA winter tires

When deciding which winter tires you would like to use, a look at the advantages and disadvantages of YOKOHAMA products can be relevant. These are summarized here:

  • very good grip
  • different tires to choose from
  • different sizes are available
  • relatively expensive
  • Driving experience is not always positive

The YOKOHAMA winter tire test as an aid

With a YOKOHAMA tire test you have the opportunity to find out more about the products. These tests are mostly available for all-weather tires, for summer tires and also as a tire test for winter tires. Depending on what you are looking for, you can check whether there is currently a test. Whether a tire is good or bad can be determined using the Test reports usually assess very well. The tire test for winter tires focuses on very different properties. The tire must offer very good durability, drive safely even on snow and be as robust as possible. The test winner can usually do this properties show. The evaluation then shows how the models perform from the manufacturer.

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Tip: Such tests are carried out again and again, for example by the ADAC. When comparing the tires, it can be helpful to see the year of the YOKOHAMA winter tire test.

Buy YOKOHAMA winter tires - compare prices in the online shop

Buying winter tires from YOKOHAMA online can also be worthwhile. The manufacturer has different models on offer. In the online shop you can compare the offer and check which of the models suit your needs. Buy cheap is even easier if you opt for a price comparison. Use the opportunity to compare different models with one another. You benefit from a comprehensive overview that you can refer to. The recommendation from a YOKOHAMA winter tire test is also helpful when choosing. This gives you a clue as to which of the models is suitable for your purposes. At the Online purchase but it is also important to ensure that shipping has to be paid for. Some dealers also offer free shipping.

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Note: When buying winter tires, think about getting them counter-cyclically. Of course, this is only possible if your winter tires can be used for another season. With an anti-cyclical purchase, however, you can usually save additional money on the order.

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YOKOHAMA winter tires - modern technologies and innovation
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