Netflix is ​​limited with content

Netflix download limit - this is important to note

The popular streaming provider Netflix allows you to download titles and watch them offline at a later date. We have summarized for you what you should be aware of with regard to the Netflix download limit.

If you use Netflix a lot on the go, you usually download films and series in advance so that you can watch them without an internet connection. In this case, you may have already received an error message indicating a corresponding download limit. This differs depending on what was downloaded, with which device and how often. We have summarized for you what the various error messages on your iPhone or Android smartphone look like and what they mean.

Netflix download limit reached on one device

If you have exceeded the maximum number of downloads that can be saved on a single device, the message appears “You have too many downloaded videos. Please delete a video and try again. " (Android) or "There was a problem with this download." (iPhone). A maximum of 100 titles can currently be stored on one device. In this case, you can only delete individual titles that you have already seen from your smartphone.

If you are using an Android device, you can use this feature Smart downloads use. If you activate this function in Downloads-Area, series episodes are automatically deleted after you have watched them.

Download limit for individual titles

Some series and films on Netflix have limits on the number of downloads per year per account. Do you get this message "Due to licensing rights, this title can only be downloaded once before (date)." (Android) or "This title can only be downloaded once." (iPhone), Netflix will inform you that you have almost reached this download limit. In this case, you can download the title once, but you will have to wait until the date stated in the error message to download it again. If you try anyway, the message will appear "You have reached the annual download limit for this video." (iPhone) or "Annual download limit reached. For some series and films, downloads are limited to a certain number per year. " (Android). If you would like to see the title earlier, you can connect to the internet at any time and stream it directly in the app.

Downloads on too many devices

The message “Downloads on too many devices. Try removing downloads from this device. " (Android) or “You have downloads on too many devices. Please remove downloads from another device or go to to see the various subscription options. " (iPhone) you will be shown when the maximum number of devices on which downloaded titles can be saved at the same time has been exceeded. Depending on the subscription you have booked, you can use one, two or four devices to download films or series. In this case, you either have to delete a title from an existing device or take out a different subscription to the streaming service.

Netflix download limit due to license rights

Content on Netflix is ​​often licensed as title packs from studios and distributors, with occasional restrictions. It is therefore possible that only a certain number of titles from the same agreement, e.g. episodes from a certain series, are available for download at the same time. So if you have downloaded too many titles from the same license agreement, the error message may appear “You need to remove downloads from this device or another device on your subscription. For more information, please visit " (iPhone) or "Download error. You have too many downloaded videos. Please delete a video and try again. " (Android) appear. Here, too, it helps to simply delete episodes of the same license agreement that have already been viewed.

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