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There are a few rhymes that people keep looking for. For example, many want to write a poem for their best friend and recite it at a party. Unfortunately, there is no pure rhyme for "boyfriend" or "girlfriend". There are a few impure rhymes, but they don't help either (just enter “friend” above). Often people also look up what rhymes with "eyes". But even here the results are not satisfactory if one looks for a pure rhyme. Or would you like to use the term "suck" in a love poem? Unclean rhymes with eyes, for example, "believe", something can be done with that. Frequently asked is: “What rhymes with human?” The answer is: at most impure “Hänsch”, which is a common surname. If the person to whom you might want to dedicate the poem is not with the last name “Hänsch”, you will get no further. Other frequent search terms are: orange, day, beautiful, time, together, car, angel ...