Why is your number not available?

"The number you have chosen not assigned ..." - That could be the reason

"The number you have chosen not assigned ..." - That could be the reason - If you dial a number with your cell phone or landline phone, you get an error message instead of a connection in some cases. Very often you only get three beeps and the announcement that the desired number has not been assigned. That can be very annoying. For example, a user at GuteFrage asks for this problem:

... I've been trying to call my friend on his cell phone for 1 hour. But it is said that the dialed number is not taken. Why is that? I checked the cell phone number several times, it is 100% correct. Has he taken out the cell phone, the SIM card or is he in a dead zone? I hope someone can give me the answer = / ...

And another user writes in the O2 forum:

... I have a problem reaching some important interlocutors or customers cannot reach these business partners. Unfortunately, I cannot post the target numbers here in the public forum, but I am happy to provide them on request by PM. The problem is that I cannot reach these numbers from the O2 cellular network. Instead of the ringing tone, I only get the announcement mentioned in the title above. However, the robot's statement is wrong. The number can be reached via T-Mobile / Vodafone (at the same time) and can also be reached via various landline connections….

There are some different announcements on the Internet:

  • Do not assign the number you dialed.
  • Do not assign the dialed number
  • Do not assign the number.
  • No connection under this number.
  • No connection on this phone number.

These announcements and error messages all represent the same problem: A phone number was called that is not known and for which the telecommunications system does not know who to connect to. Unfortunately, this means that connections to the relevant subscriber are not possible and in most cases both calls and SMS are not possible.

What reasons can lead to a phone number that is not assigned?

First of all, the note when this message does not come: You do not get this announcement if the cell phone is only in a dead zone or generally has poor reception. We have put together tips for this in this article. Devices that are switched off do not lead to this error message either. There are then other error messages (for example that the called party cannot be reached or is not available). Unassigned phone numbers have nothing to do with it. Instead, this error indicates that there is a much more fundamental problem and that the assignment of the phone number cannot be carried out.

This can be for many different reasons:

  • You dialed wrong and a number rotator in the dialed phone number. The system therefore does not actually know the number. Here it helps to check the phone number and enter it correctly if necessary. Of course, this solution only works if the number is not retrieved from memory - then it should be correct in itself.
  • When calling from abroad, the country codes are not always assigned correctly. For example, if you save the contacts without the German area code, you will get an error message when you try to call the number abroad. In these cases, it helps to put the 049 in front as the area code for Germany. Specifically, in such situations you should try not to retrieve the phone number from the memory, but to enter it again manually (with the appropriate country code, of course).
  • There is a fault in the network. Both in the landline network and in the cell phone networks of Telekom, Vodafone and O2 / Eplus there are always failures in which the technology can no longer correctly assign the phone numbers. In these cases there is not very much that can be done and you have to wait for the malfunction to be rectified by the relevant company. Such disruptions rarely last more than 24 hours, so in most cases you can call the relevant subscriber again the next day. In such cases, you can usually get quite good information on the Internet, because then you are not alone affected, but there are usually several thousand users who experience these disruptions. On Facebook and various malfunction portals you can often find reports from other users who are also affected and then you know for sure that it is just a technical malfunction. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done as a consumer in such cases. Instead, goods are announced until the relevant network operator has found the error and rectified the problem.
  • The number has been ported. Those who conclude a new contract often want to keep their phone number and therefore the phone number must be taken (ported) to new providers. In the course of this change, it often happens on the day of porting that the number can no longer be reached. Even this failure is usually only limited in time and after a few hours you can reach the number again without any problems - and without an error message. As a rule, in these cases the number should be available again after 24 hours. If this is not the case, it is probably not because of the porting - or something went completely wrong with the porting of the number (which unfortunately can happen from time to time).
  • The number has been canceled or blocked. Without porting, the number at the end of a cell phone or telephone contract can no longer be reached and then this error message appears. However, since the contract has been terminated, there is no time window here either, so it is possible that the number can no longer be reached permanently or at least for many months. It can also happen that it has been given to a new owner - you may then call a stranger.
  • With commercial numbers it can happen that another company is responsible for the technology. If errors occur there, all customers of this company may no longer be available. Even in such cases (which fortunately only occur very rarely), the only thing that helps is to wait until the company in question has corrected the error.

So there are a number of possible causes for this message and unfortunately you cannot be sure which error is exactly behind it.

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