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Axl Rose and Slash reunited : Guns'N'Roses with a surprising comeback concert

It must have been sometime in the noughties. A bus somewhere in Northern Germany with a bunch of teenagers in the back seat. One of the girls had a magazine, probably a “Bravo”, in her hand and was reading from the photo love story. It was about a group of guys who must have looked somehow rocky. “Is this an Axel Rose Contest?” The girl read to her friends - very loudly and with German pronunciation. Then it looked up puzzled. "What is Axel Rose?" Unsuspecting shrug.

There are young people who do not know who Axl Rose is, who have nothing to do with names like Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin and maybe not even Slash, who were born into a humanity displaced from “Paradise City”, in which the Band Guns N 'Roses was just a shadow of itself and no longer had anything in common with the musicians who once embodied the rock' n 'roll lifestyle so much that they became a cliché incarnate.

Some of these musicians are back now. Late on Friday evening (local time), as videos and photos on the Internet show, Rose, Slash and McKagen are said to have given their first concert together in more than 20 years - a small appearance in the "Troubadour", a club in Los Angeles where they Performed decades ago before their 1987 album "Appetite For Destruction" would make them one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Management did not comment on the concert until Sunday. Short sequences that were circulated on the internet show a somewhat aging Axl Rose, a slash that looks ageless thanks to a black cylinder, black sunglasses and black curls - and a cheering crowd. Images of the alleged song list are also making the rounds in social networks and the only German and generally well-informed fan forum “Gunsnrosesonline”. Accordingly, the band should have played classics like "Welcome To The Jungle", "Live And Let Die", "Knockin 'On Heaven's Door" - and as an encore "Paradise City".

Hardcore fans had been waiting in front of the ticket sales since the early hours of the morning. The rumors of a premature tour start had already driven them into the streets in the early hours of the morning.

North American tour titled "Not In This Lifetime" announced

At the same time as the announcement of the surprise show exactly one week before the planned big reunification concert on April 8th in Las Vegas, the band also announced the dates for their North American tour - and the title of the tour: "Not In This Lifetime" is it, "Not in this life". That was Axl's answer when he was asked about a reunion of the band and a joint appearance with Slash in the past few years.

An ironic title, because now there should be at least 25 more concerts. So far only data for the USA and Canada are known. It is unclear whether more might even follow in Europe. Rumors persist that the band will come to Germany for a concert in the summer - maybe to the Hockenheimring. "So far there has been no official request from an organizer," says a spokeswoman.

After years of controversy, scandals and lawsuits, the Guns' N Roses reunion is one that has been considered as unlikely for decades as a reunion of all four Beatles was earlier. And so a bygone era is looming up again, a time when it was good form for rock bands to come into conflict with the law at regular intervals, to abuse and indulge in excessive intoxication. Alcohol, sex, drugs - and music.

"Of course Guns N 'Roses served the" Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll "cliché, but unlike many other bands, they didn't have anything to do with it," says Birgit Fuß, editor at "Rolling Stone". "The five guys really came out of the gutter, lived on whiskey and cigarettes, and stayed with prostitutes who were kind to them."

“It was definitely the last major mainstream rock band that managed to fill stadiums in a very short time,” says Frank Thiessies from “Metal Hammer”. “You had a certain honesty. The last rising of the golden, godlike rock star myth was personified in this band and was driven to excess. "

There is hardly anything in rock history to compare with their reunification, he says - except perhaps Aerosmith, who managed a second spring after a reconciliation. He doubts whether Guns N 'Roses will also be able to do this. The planned tour should be about astronomical sums. “Maybe that's the common denominator that we can agree on. The other question is whether that will create magical stage moments again. "

But something else is more important: “The big question is: How does a phenomenon like Guns N 'Roses fit into a demystified rock era?” Says Thiessies. The Coachella Festival, at which the band plans to perform in mid-April, will show that. “You will have to see how Guns N 'Roses fit in with this epitome of musical hipster tum, and whether that goes together. Perhaps many of them stand there puzzled and do not even know what to do with it. "(dpa)

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