What is a sniper rifle

Desert Tech HTI sniper rifle .50BMG

Desert Tech HTI in caliber .50BMG

- bolt action rifle -

The DesertTechHTI - Hard Target Interdiction - is a sniper rifle at the highest level.

As the "big sister" of the SRS series, it offers all the advantages of this system, but is designed for very large rifle calibers. It was built for specific, military requirements and offers an extremely long range with maximum precision. The Bullpup construction of the DesertTechHTI enables a perfect balance and makes it 20% shorter and 37% lighter than competing products.

The DesertTechHTI is also "caliber convertible" and a caliber change can be done within a minute. Thanks to a special, torque-based system, the barrels are repeatable when changing.
This means that you only have to zero in the gun with the respective barrel, note the values ​​of the optics and after a change you do not have to focus the gun again.

The factory comes with barrels and interchangeable systems in the following calibers:

    • .375 Cheytac (29 inch)
    • .408 Cheytac (29 inch)
    • .416 Barrett (29 in)
    • .50 BMG (29 inch)

A QD Muzzle Brake is factory-fitted on all barrels of the HTI series.

Technical data of the Desert Tech HTI: Caliber: .50 BMG

  • Caliber .50 BMG (12.7 x 99 mm NATO)
  • Barrel length: 29 inches (736.6mm)
  • Twist: 1 in 15 inches
  • Barrel suspension: freely swinging with repeatable quick-change function
  • Muzzle: M25 x 1.5 thread with attached .50 QD Muzzle Brake
  • Maximum range: 2200 m
  • Total length: 116.2cm
  • Weight: 9.3kg
  • Magazine: single row, 5 rounds
  • Locking system: Mauser / cylinder lock in telescopic design (reduces weapon length and speeds up reloading) 6 locking lugs
  • Trigger: Completely adjustable match trigger
  • Operating elements: trigger safety that can be operated on both sides and magazine ejection
  • Butt plate: Ergonomically positioned in an ideal line for recoil
  • Cheek rest: fully adjustable, "non slip" surface
  • Pistol grip: ergonomically shaped
  • Forearm: CNC milled aluminum handguard with 11 accessory ports on the 3, 6 & 9 o'clock position and Picatinny on the top
  • Optical assembly: continuous Picatinny rail on the housing
  • Monopod: with quick coarse adjustment and precise fine adjustment
  • Housing color: black
  • Color shaft: black



Scope of delivery:
1 x HTI casing
1 x HTI .50BMG 29 inch barrel with mounted .50 QD Muzzle Brake
1 x HTI magazine for 5 cartridges (Big Bore)
1 x bolt with .50 BMG bolt head
2 x Desert Tech Polymer Rail short
1 x Desert Tech Polymer Rail long