How do you use Microsoft Outlook email

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Overview of the Outlook layout

  • Folders are available in the folder area. Some folders are already populated or you can create new folders.

  • The inbox is in the message list.

  • E-mails are opened in the reading area.

  • The ribbon provides more options for organizing email. Select the rightmost arrow to expand or collapse the ribbon.

Change the appearance of your email

  • Choose view out.

    Now you have the following options:

    • Change the size of the folder area.

    • Move the reading area.

    • Enable or disable the To-Do Bar.

  • Adjust the zoom bar in the lower right corner to adjust the size of the email text.

View more email options

  • In the Folders pane, right-click Folders to view common organizational actions.

  • Right-click an email in the message list to view more message options.

  • Right-click the Reading Pane for additional email commands, such as email. B. "Translate" to display.

Get training and help

  • Choose the HelpTab to contact customer support or watch training videos.

  • Use the searchto find other commands or search your email, contacts, and calendars.

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