Are spikes good for jogging?

Counselor: Winter running shoe - ICEBUG®

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Spikes, ie "nail shoes", are not new. Professional runners use these shoes, some of which have thorns up to 18 mm long, for cross and forest runs during training and competitions. There have also been attempts to strap thorns under the soles with a kind of overcoat. But a real training shoe with durable, short, grippy thorns? Man, or in this case: I could be curious.

The Run & Style company developed and already sells the recognized and popular brand RONO - Highly functional sports textiles for running, walking, fitness and triathlon. With these textiles, there really is no more bad weather. New is a sales partnership between Heppenheimer and the Swedish brand ICEBUG ®, a company with what appears to be truly innovative technology in the shoe industry.

The Icebug shoe


The grippy sole with detail
with short metal thorns


DMG BuGrip Extreme - Trail shoes for terrain, integrated gaiters keep dirt and snow out.

The ICEBUG ® Winter running shoes with BUGrip® sole technology were first available in stores in autumn 2001 and are already being sold in over 20 countries around the world. It is now available in different models. I got myself a pair and immediately tested it in the first really icy weather last winter. In winter in the Black Forest around Titisee I have enough opportunity to test the shoe for its grip under professional conditions on ice and snow. I have to say: I don't know anyone who has walked this shoe and was not enthusiastic afterwards! I can only confirm that after my own first test runs: I am thrilled too! Good running properties even on normal forest soil, but as soon as it becomes smooth, the "bug" shows its real strength. Where previously I had to carefully feel my way around the curves in smooth spots, I can now walk through "full of fabric". It's a lot of fun, because the followers don't have a chance without this shoe! By the way, the shoe is also ideal as a competition shoe! The shoe is just as suitable for slow, safe running and walking!

One less reason to fail in ice and dirty weather ...

The comfortable running shoe works almost unbelievably on any surface, whether dry asphalt, wet terrain or slippery ice. Of course, you will only really put it on when there is black ice so as not to force the spikes to wear out unnecessarily. Running on asphalt takes a bit of getting used to, but it is quite possible. The wide range of applications means, in addition to increased safety, more degrees of freedom with a lower risk of injury in winter training. What a professional runner appreciates for the cold season can mean for a walker to venture outside on a beautiful winter's day even on icy roads. Even in everyday life, you could use the shoe on extremely icy days when clearing snow, etc.

Downloads: Icebug program 2006/2007 as pdf (133kb) - Technology information sheet as pdf (132kb)

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