What happens in RAC

Current Fake virus warning

Suddenly you read the warning on your computer like "Your system is infected with viruses", "Windows was blocked due to suspicious activity"or"Your computer has been hacked".

Now definitely do not click on anything and pick up the phone, but do not dial the displayed number (if such a number is displayed) but rather IT support. Wait until IT support releases your PC or laptop again.

What if I click on it anyway?
In this case, software is installed on your computer and your computer is really infected.

What happens if I call the phone number that is displayed?
Now at the other end sit the scammers and they only want one thing ... their good money (or that from the university).

How could that happen?
Unfortunately, you have visited a website that has been taken over by fraudsters (read hijacked). There is no "cure" for this, since everything is often just a big illusion that is supposed to make the claims more effective. Nevertheless, a specialist should look at the computer after the incident.

Can't IT simply filter out such "bad websites"?
No, that goes against the basics of HTTPS.

Hands off and call IT support

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