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That sounds right at first elitist, but has (also) a technical reason.
The first sound very elitist, but has (also) a technical reason.
You feel elitist, are stylish and rich.
Confident of their style and rich, they feel they are to elite.
And membership in that community was like that elitist, that you couldn't even shop.
And membership in this community was so elite, you couldn't even buy your way in.
Plus, I still think it's pretty elitist, how art is presented and perceived.
So, I feel that the way art is presented and apprehended is still pretty elitist.
That sounds a lot to people who think democratically elitist, but is ultimately very practical.
For democratic thinking people this sounds very elitist is however very near to reality.
The Erasmus program is closed elitist, as the amounts granted to the beneficiaries are insufficient to finance all mobility costs.
The Erasmus program is too elitist, As the sums allocated to the recipients are not enough to fund the total cost of their mobility.
Copenhagen Fashion Week is familiar, isn't it elitist, there is always cold beer and beautiful women, only sympathetic and ...
Copenhagen Fashion Week is 'hygge', not elitist and pretentious. There is always cold beer and beautiful women, exclusively nice and ...
He was leading through and through from above, technocratic, elitist, authoritarian, "planistic".
It was through-and-through managerial, technocratic, elitist, authoritarian, "plannist."
The problem with today's cultural ghettos is not the lack of knowledge. We know a lot about each other, or at least we think so. But knowledge that does not lead us beyond ourselves makes us elitist, distances and separates us.
The problem with today's cultural ghettos is not lack of knowledge - we know a lot about each other, or so we think - but knowledge that takes us not beyond ourselves: it makes us elitist, distant and disconnected.
For a brilliant game Elitist, expensive, stuffy: There are many prejudices against the sport of golf.
For a polished game Elitist, expensive, stuffy: golf is a sport that suffers from many prejudices.
First off, the Morrissey fans at art school were always terribly arrogant and terribly arrogant elitist, but he can't help it.
Firstly the Morrissey fans at art college were incredibly arrogant and elitist, but that is not his fault.
Sophisticated, but not elitist, Style-oriented, but not superficial, intelligent, but nonetheless entertaining, it covers the whole range of topics of a fast, cosmopolitan weekly magazine.
It is luxurious without being elitist; it is style oriented but never superficial; it is intelligent while entertaining and covers the entire topical bandwidth of an expeditious globetrotting weekly magazine.
In Utopia, More describes a fully regulated society that is more reminiscent of Orwell's 1984 than a socialist democracy through and through elitist, even keeping slaves, a typical example of socialism from above.
More's Utopia pictures a thoroughly regimented society, more reminiscent of 1984 than of socialist democracy, elitist through and through, even slaveholding, a typical Socialism-from-Above.
The younger generation perceives sailing as elitist, antiquated, uncool. In an interview with the CEO of our partner Bavaria Yachtbau, Dr. Jens Ludmann, it became clear: "That has to be changed!"
The young generation perceives sailing as elitist, old-fashioned and uncool. Talking with Dr. Jens Ludman, CEO of our partner Bavaria Yachtbau, we made clear "This must change!"
There are characters with a touch of (alleged) collectivism who are nonetheless through and through elitist, were authoritarian and anti-democratic; and there are figures without any trace of collectivism, but who were connected with democratic class struggles.
There were the figures with a tinge of (alleged) collectivism, who were yet thorough elitists, authoritarians and anti-democrats; and there were the figures without anything collectivist about them, who were associated with democratic class struggles.
This approach was radical and seeks something comparable in art history. His imagery is not elitist, everyone should understand his messages.
This radical approach was unparalleled in the history of art. Kienholz intended everyone to be able to get his message and therefore refrained from using an elitist visual language.
It's beautiful, not upscale in the sense of elitist, but expensive, as the boulevard of Aix.
It proposes simple and reasonably cheap French food in a friendly atmosphere. Around € 15 for a usual menu.
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