Does an English accent sound sexy?

Worldwide ranking: This accent is particularly sexy

Foreign accents sound exotic, interesting - and sometimes even erotic. The travel portal “Big 7 Travel” has started looking for the 50 sexiest accents in the world.

While Deutsch lands far behind in 46th place, the first places are a real surprise. The winner: Kiwi-Englisch, also called "Newzild", leads the ranking. The accent from New Zealand sounds similar to the Australian one (fifth place), but is "incredibly charming", the portal explains the result.

Sexy accent? The New Zealanders can do it

Afrikaans came in second. The accent of one of the South African official languages ​​was able to convince the 1.5 million surveyed users with its unique sounds.

In Italian, "every single word sounds sexy". But against the Irish accent (third place), which “people all over the world love”, the language was unable to assert itself and only made it to fourth place behind it.

In contrast, Croatian (50th place), Romanian (49th place) and Thai (48th place) do not sound sexy at all. The fact that the German accent lands in 46th place is because it is "sometimes rough". It is far less convincing than the Austrian (38th place), who sounds “more musical than German”.

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Language of love among the top 10

No big surprise: French landed in the top third of the poll. The language of love with the "most sex appeal" made it to seventh place ahead of Spanish. "Queen’s English", the clear accent of the southern English, lands in twelfth place.

A “whiz kid”, on the other hand, is Polish, according to “Big 7 Travel”. The Slavic accent made it to 27th place, behind Indian (26th place) and Vietnamese (25th place).