Is the travel industry viewed as service oriented?

Professions in gastronomy and tourism


Work technically, commercially or service-oriented

Eating out, going on vacation, booking a hotel room for a concert that is far away - leisure plans like these ensure that employees in the catering and tourism industries do not get bored. But what professions are there in gastronomy and tourism? And is dual vocational training a prerequisite or is it easier to get started with a degree? The answer is: It depends on which dream job you want to pursue. You have the choice between technical, commercial and service-oriented professions. We explain to you which tasks are waiting for you in the very different jobs.

Jobs at and in the airport

The professions in tourism also include all those who take care of the technology and passengers in and at the airport. Aircraft electronics and mechanics, for example, are on duty at the airport to ensure that aircraft are functional and take off. They are experts in the maintenance and repair of airplanes and helicopters and are familiar with their electronics and all of the technology installed. Because they regularly test the machines to ensure that they are working properly, they have a very responsible job. You have at least as much responsibility as an air traffic controller: After completing the demanding school training, you coordinate air traffic in the airspace and, for example, make sure that arriving and departing machines do not interfere with each other. But there are also experts within the aircraft who are responsible for order and safety. Flight attendants, for example, take care of the cleanliness of the cabins, are familiar with safety precautions and first aid measures and are the first point of contact for passengers. The international air traffic assistant works in passenger service, at the check-in, in the air compartment or in aircraft handling. Without his help, suitcases and passengers would not get on the plane in time.

Eat and sleep

Regardless of whether you are away from home or around the corner from home - if you want to eat out, you can usually look forward to good service and delicious dishes. A chef and restaurant specialist, for example, ensure that everything runs smoothly. Thanks to their dual training, they are experts in preparing meals and entertaining guests. Those who like it more entertaining can sit down in the nearest fast food restaurant and have a good time there. Here, by the way, the system catering specialist ensures that the branch is clean, looks attractive and that the food tastes like any other restaurant in the chain. And many experts are also on duty in hotels to make it as pleasant as possible for guests: As a specialist in the hospitality industry and as a hotel specialist, you are responsible for room service, kitchen, restaurant and reception. As a hotel clerk, you will also take on many commercial tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing and costing.

Out and about by ship and train

The tourism industry also includes all the jobs that take vacationers from A to B. In addition to the jobs in and at the airport, for example, train drivers / railroad workers are also responsible for transporting passengers to their holiday destination. Depending on the subject, they set signals and points or control the vehicles. What works on land also applies to the sea: As a captain, you move ships, either full of goods or passengers: In the maritime studies you learn a lot about the technology of ships, but economics and sea tourism are also part of the lessons. Significantly more focus on the technical part is in the ship and marine technology course. Here you will learn everything about the technical equipment of ships and how the various devices work. After completing your studies, for example, you can work on board passenger ships and take care of the maintenance and repair of the ship's technology.

Organize trips and events

Wherever you eat, take vacation and travel, you need someone to take care of the planning. As a tourism clerk for private and business trips, for example, you are responsible for planning, arranging and selling individual trips. You advise your customers about possibilities and country-specific regulations, calculate prices and take over the booking. It doesn't have to be a big trip to boost tourism, though. Events in the city also ensure an increased number of visitors. For example, if you work as an event manager, you often ensure that hotels have more overnight stays and restaurants and bars more guests. You will create concepts, process and direction plans for events such as concerts or trade fairs and take care of their organization and implementation. You are also responsible for marketing so that a lot of people come to the event.

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