It can be bad to eat dried fruits

Eating healthy Powerfood dried fruit

Homemade dried fruit!

You can buy apple rings and banana chips in many supermarkets without having to go to health food stores or health food stores. However, industrially produced dried fruits are often additionally sulphurized or treated with other preservatives. They are also often dried at more than 50 ° Celsius, which destroys a large part of the vitamins. If you want to be on the safe side, simply dry your fruit yourself. Apples and pears, plums and peaches as well as grapes are among the native species that are particularly suitable. In principle, more exotic fruits such as dates, figs, bananas, mangoes, papayas and pineapples are also suitable. Strawberries can also be dried well. It is important that the fruits dry quickly before they have a chance to spoil. To achieve this, you can choose between different methods. It is only important that the items to be dried do not touch each other and that the hot air does not build up, but rather can brush past it and thus transport the moisture away.

1. Sun and air
For example, in summer you can dry apple rings on a string. The apple rings should not touch, it is best to hang the string in a hot place with good air circulation. In winter, simply place the food to be dried on the heater, some baking paper is sufficient as a base.

2. Oven
Actually ideal, but the temperature is often higher than 50 ° Celsius, even at the lowest level. The door should be tilted slightly so that the moisture can easily escape. Drying can take a few hours or even a whole night.

3. Microwave
The microwave is particularly suitable for drying herbs such as lavender, oregano, marjoram, sage or mint. A maximum of one minute at full power, then a few more minutes with less energy. The herbs are dry when they rustle or crackle when pressed together.

4. Dehydrator
Professional dehydrators usually consist of a heater-fan combination with one or more shelf grids for the food to be dried. They dehydrate quickly and easily, but it is only worth buying if you plan to dehydrate food on a regular basis. A Few Little Tricks Dragging the rings through lemon water before drying will keep them nice and light and won't turn brown. Fruit is ready as soon as it no longer contains any damp spots and gives even elasticity to pressure. The best thing to do is to cut or plane all pieces of about the same thickness so that the drying times of the individual parts do not turn out too different.

Now you can really only wish good luck and bon appetite!